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Two Parts:Invitation informationMaking the invitation yourself

Invitations are an important part of a successful sleepover. They're the ingredient that tells your potential guests when, where and what. If you want the guests to bring particular items, this will be the best place to list the things. And the more interesting the invitation, the keener your guests will be to come along to the upcoming sleepover.


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    Determine which people you want to invite to the sleepover. Figure out exactly how many people, bearing in mind that a sleepover works best with a small group of good friends. Be sure to check in with your parents first to see what they suggest.

Part 1
Invitation information

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    Be sure to explain what kind of sleepover it is. Are you hosting a birthday-sleepover? A Halloween one? A summer-themed one? A Christmas-themed one? Or is it just for fun, with no purpose but to cure you and your friends' boredom? Make sure your guests know what they're coming to!
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    Include your name somewhere on the invitation.
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    Add the date and time so that people know when to come.
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    Write down the destination that your sleepover will be held in (most likely your own home). Include the address, too. For example, "Please come to my house at 100 Chocolate Cake street".
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    Don't forget to insert any special information in the invitation. This includes information such as: What to bring, what you will be eating at the party, and the activities/games that will be played. If your parents are bringing everyone home or picking everyone up before or after the party, make sure to include that.
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    Tell your guests how to RSVP. RSVP is a French phrase, which stands for "réspondez, s'il vous plaît." In English, that just means "Reply Please." Your RSVP could be your cellphone number, your home number, or your email address. It is advisable to set a date to RSVP before. For example, "RSVP Before October 12th."

Part 2
Making the invitation yourself

Simple invitation

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    Find some paper to write your invitations on. This could include cardstock, colored construction paper, printer paper, or stationary. Get creative! You can also buy some stationary that is aimed toward the theme of your party.
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    Make the invitation look pretty. Don't be afraid to use glitter, rhinestones, feathers, stickers, sparkles, pom-poms, drawings, ink stamps, lots of colors, cut-outs, markers. Choose anything you like to decorate with.
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    Find envelopes that your invitations fit snugly in. Write your guest's name and address clearly and legibly on the envelope. You can decorate the envelope, too. Add a stamp and mail them! (Or if you can hand them out discreetly enough, give them at school, but be aware that if someone who wasn't invited finds out, they may be upset.)

Card invitation

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    Choose a pre-shaped plain card of any color. Don't get spotted, striped or pre-messaged cards, as if they are boldly decorated they will not be classy or neat, and the pre-message may not be what you want.
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    Carefully sketch a theater curtain border on the front page of the card.
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    Go over the border in black marker.
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    Draw a cute, fluffy animal such as a panda or rabbit in slippers and eye masks.
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    Go over this in fine-line black marker.
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    Draw a speech bubble coming out of the animal's mouth in pencil.
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    In the middle of the speech bubble, in neat print, write, "You're Invited!".
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    Write that they are invited to (your name)'s sleepover. Then write out contact details, and the time, date and address of the sleepover. If they need to bring anything with them, write the list on the empty bit of inside card.
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    Go over all of of the inner contents in fine-line black pen. (This is optional.)
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    Tuck snugly into pretty envelopes.
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    Write the recipient's name on the front, and if going through the post, address.


  • You can also make your invitations on the computer and print them out.
  • Remember to make sure all your writing is clear and readable. If your writing is so illegible, you may need to ask your parents to write in the information.
  • Don't use scissors without a parent's permission if you are likely to injure yourself.
  • Remember to have fun, and decorate your invitations how you like them.
  • Do not eat glue.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Markers
  • Craft Supplies

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