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Horse glitter gel is an inexpensive way to make a statement at any horse show or gymkhana. this article will show you how to make your very own horse glitter gel.


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    Decide if you really want to make it instead of buy it. The benefits of making it usually outweigh buying the product. A benefit is that you know what is going in the product, and can avoid things that your horse might be allergic to. It is also simple. You will save money, as most horse glitter gels are around 25 dollars for a 4oz bottle. You can make as much as you want, because it is cheap to make.
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    Buy a tub of human hair gel. Spot test on your horse's coat to make sure that your horse is not allergic to it. You also need to buy a packet of loose glitter. You can also add as much as you want to the tub of hair gel. If you just want fine glitter, add a little bit, and add a lot if you want more. Keep the horse glitter gel in the tub of hair gel. This is a benefit as it is easy to get a brush or a finger in the tub and it comes with a cool screw on lid!

Alternate Method

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    Find a bottle of regular, non-toxic Elmer's glue and a regular paint brush.
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    Find a simple stencil pattern that you like and get two of them. (If you use a more complicated stencil, it will be harder to put it on and sometimes hard to make out what it is.
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    Tape both stencils to either side of your horse using masking tape on the corners of the stencil. Make sure that they are symmetrical and that they are mirror images of each other.
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    Fill in each stencil individually. Also, do each shape in the stencil individually. Start with the design closest to the top of the horse, use a paint brush to spread the Elmer's glue into the stencil after filling in the shape sprinkle in the glitter.
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    Pat around the area to shake off any excess glitter.
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    Repeat this process until all shapes have been painted and glittered. Then leave the stencils on for about 10 minutes to dry.
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    This might work when its cold, but I tried it and as soon as the horse started to sweat, the gel just ran! A big disappointment. This was just a big mess. I wish I had tried it out before the day of the parade.


  • If you want to, you can buy a couple of tubs of hair gel and different colored glitter. With these you can make patterns on your horse's coat, or you can make a multicolored mane masterpiece! You can even buy a stencil to make patterns with the glitter gel on your horse's rump. You can buy these stencils in shapes such as stars or checkers at any craft shop. To make the patterns last longer, spray some human hair spray over the top of the glitter to set it in place.
  • Another idea is to mix loose glitter into coat polish or even water and spray it on with a spray bottle. This creates a fine glittery mist on your horse's mane, tail, coat and legs. Just make sure that the glitter doesn’t clog up your spray bottle! You can also add some washable, non toxic poster paint to the water if you want to add color. Just make sure it is horse-friendly before you use it.
  • To remove the glitter, all you need to do is wash it off. If it is too cold to give your horse a bath, use a bucket of warm water and a sponge instead. Make sure you cool off your horse thoroughly before you put him back in his stall or pasture.


  • Make sure that horse glitter gel is not illegal at any shows that you and your horse participate in. It is not commonly seen in formal shows, but will often be seen at informal shows such as gymkhanas. You can be disqualified if you use horse body glitter because at some formal shows because it can distract the judge and make it more difficult for the judge to see certain aspects of your presentation, especially in rail classes.

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