How to Make Honey Jar Tea

Bummer. You're all out of honey. Or are you? There are still those smears and smudges of honey clinging to the inside of the jar. You're having a Winnie the Pooh moment and you don't want to let that honey go to waste. Well, if you can't bring the honey to your tea, bring your tea to the honey!


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    Enjoy an entire jar of honey.
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    Put a teabag into the honey jar.
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    Pour boiling water into the jar. The temperature of the water you'll need depends on the kind of tea you're making, if you're a tea fanatic (see How to Make Tea). Leave a little room at the top for shaking later.
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    Close the jar loosely. Don't tighten it all the way, because it might explode in your face, making for an unpleasant teatime. Just place the lid on top of the jar to retain heat but to let steam out if it really wants to come out.
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    Wait 3-5 minutes. Maybe you can pick out a few images for wikiHow articles, or answer a request.
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    Discard the teabag. Preferably in a compost pile, of course.
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    Replace the lid. This time, close the jar as tightly as you can and shake for only 5 seconds. Loosen the lid, allow steam to escape, and repeat. Do this until you think all the honey is dissolved. Note that if your jar isn't sealed shut, hot water will splash all over the place and you'll lose some of your precious honey and tea. Note also that if you shake for too long without letting the steam out, your tea might explode in your face, as mentioned earlier.
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    Pour tea into a teacup or, better yet, drink it straight out of the jar like a happy hippie. Why waste water and energy cleaning another teacup when you've got a perfectly suitable jar to drink out of? Just make sure to cover your hands, because the jar doesn't have a handle (if you haven't noticed) and your hands might get burned.


  • Manuka honey has many health benefits, and makes a cloudier tea.


  • Use glass jars only. Plastic jars may deform and spill the contents.
  • Make sure the jar has no sharp edges before you drink from it.

Things You'll Need

  • Jar of honey
  • Teabag
  • Boiling water
  • Teacup

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