How to Make Home Made Suet Cakes

Tired of wasting your money on oily suet cakes that get your hands messy when you try to put them up? Just follow this article, and all of your suet problems will depart from the feeder like a chickadee!


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    Put the nuts in a bag and pound them with a mallet until they become a quarter-inch big. Alternatively, chop them until fine, using a chopper.
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    Put the nuts into the small square container. Add a half-ounce of water and mix with a fork.
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    Add a half-ounce of peanut butter, and mix. Add more water, or squeeze out more water if necessary.
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    Press the suet into the bottom of the container over the other ingredients.
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    Refrigerate for 24 hours.
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    Remove the suet cake. The next day, get suet out, and turn the container upside-down, and bang it on napkin. The suet should come out whole, but if it doesn't, put it back in container and freeze for 24 hours.
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    If the cake comes out whole, hang up in suet chamber. Give to the birds.
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  • Don't eat or test out the suet, feather-brain! You are not a bird!
  • Be careful not to slice or squish your fingers when chopping or pounding nuts.

Things You'll Need

  • About one cup of acorns you find around your house, un-shelled, or peanuts from your birdseed
  • Mallet or mechanical chopper
  • Half an ounce of water
  • A fork, big or small would work
  • Any kind of peanut butter, but Jiff is preferred
  • Small square container
  • The peanuts that you will need are like the above picture.
    One quarter cup of birdseed (shelled)

Sources and Citations

  • Using organic resources in the fall season.
  • Calli Burgwardt, February 28, 2011

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