How to Make Hemp Jewelry

From giant tropical grass seeds strung on a hemp cord to intricate knotted jewelry with hanging charms and beaded embellishments, making hemp jewelry starts with the same basic steps. If you ever tied friendship bracelets with embroidery floss in school, you're already halfway to making hemp jewelry.


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    Obtain the proper materials. Hemp twine is the basis of the jewelry and it can be found in either an authentic tan color or in any other color that you desire to use. Most jewelry is made using 1 mm or 20 lb twine. However, thicker twines are made, and if you prefer a thicker one, then that will work just as well. Of course, the thicker the twine, the thicker the jewelry will be. Beyond the twine, the only other materials that you will need are based on your preference of whether you want to add beads or charms.
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    Cut 4 strands of hemp, each about 3 times the length of your wrist/neck/ankle. Knot the 4 strands hemp together with an overhand knot, leaving 2 inches (5.1 cm) at one end.
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    Tie a succession of decorative knots in the hemp cords, working down from the overhand knot you just tied.
    • Most hemp jewelry uses basic macrame knotting techniques like the half knot. To do a half knot, cross the left side strand loosely over the other 3 strands, so it looks like the letter "L." Bring the right-most strand on top of the left-side strand, then tuck it underneath the 2 center cords and up through the space between the left side strand and the center cords. Hold the center cord taut as you gently pull the 2 outer cords snug against the previous knot. This is called a left half knot; doing the mirror-image process, starting with the right side cord, creates a right half knot.
    • Do a chain of same-side half knots to create a spiral cord, or alternate right and left half-knots so your hemp chain lies flat.
    • You can also use the classic "friendship bracelet wrap" to create a knotted hemp cord. Cross 1 side strand loosely over the other strands as if you were beginning a half knot. Then bring the end of that same side strand underneath the middle strands and up through the space between the side strand and the middle strands, almost like a figure-4. Hold the middle strands taut as you gently tighten the wrapped side strand against the previous knot.
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    Thread beads onto the center cords as desired. Tie at least 1 knot, using the outside-edge cords, between each bead.
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    Tie an overhand knot to secure the end of your hemp jewelry once it reaches the desired length.
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    Cut off excess string, leaving about 2 inches (5.1 cm) for tying.
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    Crimp a jewelry clasp onto each end of the cord or to a tie double fisherman's knot with the remaining cords of hemp bracelet or necklace ; see for a tutorial. Sliding the 2 knots apart automatically tightens your jewelry piece.
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  • You can use any hemp twine you like, but a relatively smooth bundle of 1-mm twine gives the most pleasant texture.
  • When tying knots take a carabiner and put it in the loops of you soon to be necklace and then attach the carabiner to something sturdy. This will help you hold your strings still.
  • If you want to use a hook-and-knot or hook-and-bead closure, you must plan ahead. Cut 2 double-length strands of hemp instead of 4 single-length strands. Then fold the strands over, tying an overhand knot near the doubled end to create a loop, just big enough for your closure bead or closure knot to slip through. Finally, attach the closure bead, or tie a large, decorative closure knot, at the other end of the necklace or bracelet.
  • You can also knit or crochet with fine hemp cord to create hemp jewelry, or to create embellishments for your knotted hemp jewelry. You can add beads to your knitted hemp works by threading the appropriate number of beads onto the yarn before you begin, then pulling each bead up against the stitches when you're ready to place it. Continue knitting and the bead will be held securely in place.

Things You'll Need

  • 1-mm/"20 lb." hemp twine
  • Cord tips
  • Beads, charms or other findings
  • Scissors
  • Metal jewelry clasps

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