How to Make Happy Face Pancakes

Use any plain pancake batter to make happy face pancakes. No special equipment needed!


  1. Image titled MixBatter Step 1
    Mix up any plain pancake batter. Boxed pancake mixes work just fine.
  2. Image titled GreasePan Step 2
    Lightly grease your griddle and heat until a drop of water sizzles when it hits the surface.
  3. Image titled DrizzleBatter Step 3
    Fill a tablespoon with batter and carefully drizzle batter onto griddle to make two big, round eyes and a happy smile.
  4. Image titled WaitForBubbles Step 4
    Cook until bubbles begin to form.
  5. Image titled AddMoreBatter Step 5
    Spoon batter over the eyes and mouth to make a regular round pancake.
  6. Image titled CookUntilBubbly Step 6
    Cook pancake until bubbles begin to form and break.
  7. Image titled FlipAndCook Step 7
    Flip pancake and cook other side until done.
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  • Get creative! Don't limit yourself to happy faces. Make ABC pancakes , name pancakes, little heart shapes inside a bigger pancake, etc. The sky is the limit!
  • Make sure your batter is thin enough to drizzle from the spoon, but not so thin it will run all over the griddle.
  • Try putting butter in the pan before cooking each pancake so it can caramelize and infuse a toasty flavor into the pancake instead of putting butter on top--and one last one simple idea is to put your syrup bottle in a pan of warm or hot water while cooking the pancakes so you have yummy warm syrup!
  • To make the smiley face more visible, take a small amount of batter and add food colouring. Use this batter to make the eyes and mouth.

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