How to Make Halloween Party Invitations

Wanna make Halloween party invitations for your Halloween party? This article is sure to help you out. Whether you're going for creepy or child-friendly fun, this article will let you make your own choices with guidance from the experts.


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    Choose your color scheme for the card. The common colors for Halloween are: -Black, Orange, Green-Black, Purple, Orange-Red, Black-Black Orange-Green and Orange
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    Decide if you want to make it on the computer or hand written. A hand-written one can look sloppy if the writer's hand-writing is messy. You could have a friend whose hand writing is better than yours to write the invitations for you. Make sure they're invited to the party, though, or it could crash your party.
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    Be sure to include the date, where the party is going to be, the time allocation (start time & end time),and RSVP number on your invitation. (add anything extra on your invitation you want. BE CREATIVE!) Also, you could have the invited guests call to tell you that they can't come. This is more convenient for those who are coming.
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    Make sure you get the theme put out there on the card with pictures. If it's a vampire themed party, for example, then paste pictures of fangs on your card.
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    You can layer colors of papers for your card. choose a color that will be the border. Then cut out another piece of paper that is slightly smaller than the first. Lay the second piece of paper on top of the first and voila! you have colorful layers.
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    Tell your guests if they need to bring anything.(pitchfork, scary mask, fake fangs, etc.) Let them know if it is a costume party or not. It would be embarrassing if some showed up in a costume and others not. Make sure they know about a theme, if there is one.


  • Make the card neat and professional looking.
  • Remember to check over your work before you print or send them out. Wrong information or typos aren't what you want.
  • Be creative.
  • Send out the invitations at least 2-3 weeks before your Halloween party.


  • Don't write or type anything gruesome on your invitation.
  • Try not to have the card look sloppy or the whole thing will have an immature look.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • a computer (optional)
  • pictures
  • pen and pencil

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