How to Make Good Tips Delivering Pizza

If you deliver pizza for Domino's or any other pizza company, you most likely depend on good tips for a good income. While there isn't that much you can do to get better tips, doing what you can will make a difference in the long run.


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    Learn the roads. You need to know all of the major roads in your city, you need to know about regular customers, who tips well and who doesn't, and you need to know about the store's products. People will like you more if you are able to answer all of their questions.
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    Be efficient. Don't speed enough to endanger yourself or others, but get the pizza there on time. Also, if you answer the phone instead of driving, tell people that the pizza will take a little longer than you actually expect it to take. They may be disappointed right then, but when you get the pizza to them earlier than they expected, they'll be thrilled.
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    Be overly nice. Smile, even though there's nothing to smile about. Laugh, even though nothing is really all that funny. Ask how the customer is doing, comment on how pretty their house is, anything to show your friendly personality.
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    If something goes wrong, apologize PROFUSELY. And then fix the problem. No amount of "I'm sorry"s is going to do the trick. A free soda might, however. And even if you don't get tipped a whole lot this time, they will remember you the next time you come.
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    Regulars. They expect you to know what they like.
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    When you do get tipped well, thank the customer. If it's a really good tip, thank them excessively. They like to know that their generosity is appreciated, and they'll remember next time.
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    Overall, try to show the customer that you actually care, and take pride in your job. This fact alone is widely appreciated, and most customers actually do consider that when they decide how much to tip.


  • Appearance is more important than you may think. If you look ratty, have bad facial hair, and wear messy clothes, the customer is going to have that image in their head when they are eating their pizza. They don't want messy-looking people to have anything to do with their food, and this is reflected in their tips.
  • Personality, personality, personality. Do something to separate yourself from every other pizza delivery person on the planet. Be talkative and friendly. Go the extra mile for the customer.
  • If you are busy and know you will be late, call the customer on your way. Say your name and you are the driver with the restaurant to add a personal connection and apologize. It can help avoid an upset customer, save a tip and sometimes even increase it.
  • Remember that tipping is a way that the customer shows appreciation for a job well done, it is NOT something that is a requirement by any means. Do not think that just because you delivered a pizza that you automatically deserve a tip.


  • You need to drive smart, not fast. Know where you are going before you leave the store. Don't speed. The biggest tip isn't worth the smallest ticket, or worse, an accident. Be safe, and don't endanger other drivers.
  • Just don't be too obvious about the fact that you're after the tip. Actually care about the customer.
  • Remember, tips are considered income by the Internal Revenue Service in the United States. If your tips are not reported to your employer, it's your responsibility to report them on your Income Taxes when you file. Keep good records, you CAN be audited (and be held liable for penalties and interest if it's found you didn't report the income).

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