How to Make Good Grades Without Stressing

Many kids and adults in school stress over their work because they think they need to get an A+. Of course good grades are key and you should focus on your work, but obsessing so much over it leads to stress and the doomed need for perfection. Furthermore, adopting good study habits can get you great results without all the stress. If you find yourself or a loved one struggling with stress over grades, read these helpful hints to get amazing grades - and do it without stress.


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    Find a fun stress-reliever. What better way to eliminate stress than have a good time? Working too hard on good grades can lead to stress and anxiety. Don't spend all your weekends fluttering about your room gathering books and writing down facts. These are a time to relax and take a break. Invite friends over, play outside, play a video game, light some candles, take a spa day - whatever makes you happy. This will help you focus better for longer during the school week, so that you can achieve those grades when it counts.
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    Plan ahead. Invest in a small calendar you can take with you anywhere. Look for a cheap one at a dollar store, or check out a local bookstore for nicer calendars. Write down all your upcoming assignments and when they're do, and add study sessions or homework time so that you set aside enough time to finish your assignments. Writing down each assignment as you get it helps you stay on top of all your work, and scheduling time to complete them well in advance of the due date ensures that you have enough time to finish them and do them well. This also eliminates stress because you get to know you are in control and are organized.
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    Focus while studying or doing homework. Don't turn on your favorite song, tap your foot, watch TV, daydream, or get up to get food when your really not hungry, as all of these activities are distracting and will keep you from working efficiently and effectively, which will help you achieve better grades. Focusing on only one thing (your work) will also help you not stress over other things.
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    Don't procrastinate. Every time you put off doing an assignment, you stress about it a little bit more. Pretty soon, all that stress builds up to make it much harder to actually complete the assignment. Rather than procrastinating, start early on assignments - you'll save yourself from the stress, and your work will get done faster and better. Use your calendar to show you when you got your work done and when the due date is. It will make you feel proud when you know you finished before the due date. You then will exude confidence and your grades will rise.
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    Study with friends. Working with friends makes your work more fun and less stressful. It can also increase the quality of your work. Asking friends any questions you have or helping teach them material they don't get will cement your knowledge of the material and help you turn in more well-thought-out, better-quality assignments. The helpful academic tips and facts of others will help the score on your next test go through the roof!
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    Keep yourself motivated. Know that you have to work the hardest for the things that matter most. Never let down and always know that in the long run your grades will affect your future. Never stress and always remember hard work always pays off. Stay confident and believe in yourself. You can have a stress-free year and excel!


  • When inviting friends over for a study group, try picking people that you know would not goof off. It's fun to have fun but also learn something new.
  • Check your calendar daily and write encouraging notes to yourself.
  • Keep your calendar somewhere safe where you will not loose it. At the end of the year look through it and see all that you accomplished!

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