How to Make Glitter Pumps

Why wear regular-looking pumps when you can jazz them up to create a pair of glitter pumps that would make Dorothy from Oz proud? However, these babies aren't going to be marching down the Yellow Brick Road. These big girl pumps are going to help you work it out on the dance floor or at a special event. You don’t need to be crafty to create them, merely have a love of all things beautiful and sparkly!


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    Select a pair of shoes. Pass on using the pair of Chanels for this project––once you've messed with these shoes, they'll be glittered for life. Instead, use a pair of pumps from a second hand or thrift store, or perhaps an old pair in your closet that still has plenty of sole lives to go. Check the material of the shoe, though––leather and patent leather will usually work well. However, suede and similar textures can be difficult for the glue and glitter to adhere to. Fabric outers might work provided the glue used is appropriate for this purpose.
    • When selecting the shoes, be discerning. Will that pair really look glitterific or just plain tacky? The style of the shoe is an important factor in the final outcome.
    • Remove any stains, stickiness, stickers, etc. before proceeding––the shoe surface should be as clean as possible, and completely dry.
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    Gather your supplies. The glitter is clearly the most important part of this project, so invest your energy in ensuring what you choose is the right size and color. Not all glitter types are made equal––look for the more substantial, larger glitter with lots of sparkles and suitable for use on items that flex, like fabric. In terms of color, you could choose a single color, an already mixed rainbow color, or perhaps bands of different matching colors. When choosing the color, be sure to consider your existing outfits and how the shoes will match to them. After the glitter, the most important supply is the glue––be sure to check it will be suitable for the shoe material and the glitter. Modge Podge is a fairly standard glue that should work well for this project.
    • There are many different kinds of glitter out there and different grain/particle sizes. Each one gives it's own unique effect. Some is very coarse having large particles which will give a very bold sparkly effect, while using a fine glitter which has smaller particle size, gives a more subtle effect. If you don't like the effects of coarse glitter in the craft stores or you can't find your perfect color look into body/make-up glitter in the cosmetic section or beauty supply store. This has a similar sparkle effect to fine sugar. Glitter also comes in many countless shapes as well including microbeads and strand/fiber shapes as well.
    • Do you want to add anything else, such as charms, diamantes or bows? Don't overdo it, though––the glitter is already a star on its own and additions beyond it could be tacky.
    • Other useful tools could include a cup or plastic container for mixing the Modge Podge and a new paintbrush for adding the glitter with. The Modge Podge can be mixed using plastic spoons or bamboo skewers.
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    Set up the workspace. Although lots of fun, this is a messy craft, so be sure to spread out plenty of newspaper, sheet or similar cover over the work surface. If working inside, a tabletop is ideal; if working outside, try the garage floor or a bench, or simply sit outside somewhere comfortable. Because glitter tends to go everywhere, don't go outside if it's windy and it's still important to lay down newspaper to avoid clogging up plants with glitter. Any surface chosen needs to be flat.
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    Prepare the shoes. Glitter should only end up where it's wanted. To this end, use masking tape to cover the sole and tip of the heel completely. Do this in a strip-by-strip way until all of the sole is covered and snip off any pieces that fold onto the shoe itself.
    • If the heels come with laces, bows or any other external elements, remove these temporarily to avoid glittering them too.
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    Make up the Modge Podge in the cup. It is suggested to make up approximately 1/4 cup of Modge Podge to begin with. Add as much glitter as you think appropriate––the more added, the more that ends up on the shoe. Mix everything together well; this should take a few minutes.
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    Dip the paintbrush into the Modge Podge/glitter mixture. As with painting, a little goes a long way, so squeeze off any excess before painting. Brush over the first shoe and down the heel in an even layer. Although it brushes on white, don't worry––it will clear quickly. Wipe off any lumps or excess amounts and simply paint back over again. Most of all, aim for an even coat of glitter mix. Set aside to dry.
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    Repeat with the second shoe.
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    When dried, paint a new layer over the first layer for each shoe. You might need to add another layer or two, depending on how the glitter looks to you––judge it as you go.
    • While the second layer is still wet, sprinkle additional glitter over the top to enhance the glitter effect––while this is optional, it can really bring out the 3-D element of the glitter and it definitely speeds up the glittering process. Obviously, a lot of the glitter will fall off while doing this, so stick to the covered workspace area. It's enough when you're happy with the effect.
    • While still wet, add any other decorative effects you've decided on. If they don't adhere, apply them with a hot glue gun. Remember, though, it's easy to overdo the effect when the glitter is already the star performer.
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    Allow the shoes to dry completely overnight. Choose a well ventilated, cool area to leave the shoes. Keep them out of reach of children, pets and anyone likely to pick them up and put them somewhere else.
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    When fully dry the next day, seal the glitter. Apply a final coat of Modge Podge without glitter mixed in. This will seal both the layer underneath and any added glitter. Again, the Modge Podge will brush on white but soon turn clear. As before, use even strokes and a totally clean paintbrush.
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    Remove the tape from the bottom. Your glitter pumps are finished!
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  • Stuff crumpled newspapers inside the shoes to avoid getting glitter inside them.
  • For a twist on the usual complete covering, consider adding a design with different colored glitter using a stencil. You'll need to protect the rest of the shoe when doing this––either cover entirely with the stencil or use Vaseline or masking tape on the areas of the shoe you don't want glitter and Modge Podge mix added to. You can also carefully wipe around the edge of a stencil once it's done and still wet.
  • If you don't want to cover the whole shoe, it's okay to add glitter to only a portion of your shoes, such as the soles, heels or the back.
  • Use the same method to match your handbag to your shoes for a complete glittery effect.
  • If you're feeling really creative, you can use more than one color of glitter.
  • Any kind of shoe can be glittered, but pumps are usually easiest. If applying glitter to sandals, sling-backs, etc., cover up as much of the shoe you don't want glittered as possible.
  • It's tough to apply glitter on flat sandal's toe straps; craft at your own risk.
  • The entire shoe doesn't have to be glittered in one solid color. Try glittering different sections on a same shoe or the heels one color and the rest of the shoe a different color. You might want to glitter a different design within the glitter. Whenever glittering 2 colors let the first color dry completely before adding the next color to avoid disturbing the first design or having glitter colors mixing with each other.
  • If you don't have Mod Podge, mix liquid white glue with water in a 1:1 ratio.


  • Modge Podge and white glue are not waterproof! If you want to wear these shoes where there's any chance of water or rain, make sure you seal them with an acrylic sealer.
  • Make sure shoes are completely dry before moving on to the next step. If you add more Modge Podge to wet shoes they could warp the glitter and make a mess.
  • When making these shoes, declare a pet/child free zone. Errant pet hairs or little messy hands may derail your goal of shoe glitter perfection. Don’t choose a spot that your cat likes to jump up on or where your child can reach.

Things You'll Need

  • Shoes (pumps)
  • Glitter
  • Modge Podge
  • 2 clean paintbrushes (one for glitter mix, one for plain Modge Podge)
  • Hot glue gun and other decorative elements (optional)
  • Newspaper or sheet to cover ground/table
  • Acrylic sealer (if chance of wearing them in the rain is present)

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