How to Make Glitter Eggs

Two Parts:Identify Design Choice and Gather SuppliesGlitter Eggs

Whether you are decorating for Easter or interested in spicing up a table centerpiece, glittering eggs is a great way to add pizzazz and interest. You also don’t need to use real eggs if you are looking for more bang for your buck. Plastic or Styrofoam eggs will do the trick.

Part 1
Identify Design Choice and Gather Supplies

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    Determine how you plan to use the eggs. Will you fill a bowl with just the glitter eggs or will you use them to enhance a centerpiece? Also, consider how many centerpieces you will create (which will dictate the number of eggs you’ll need).
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    Decide whether you want to use fake or real eggs for your centerpiece. Also, if you want to use real eggs plan to hard boil them before you cover them with glitter.
    • Consider what type of material you will use if you plan to glitter fake eggs. The type of material you use may end up dictating the type of adhesive spray or glue you will use to cover the egg with glitter.
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    Visit the craft store to pick up supplies. If you plan to use fake eggs, you can most likely purchase eggs at the craft store. Otherwise purchase real eggs at your local grocer.
    • Purchase adhesive spray. For most applications, Mod Podge or spray adhesive will allow the glitter to hold nicely to the egg. You may want to experiment if you aren’t sure. Purchase a paintbrush to apply the Mod Podge.
    • Buy glitter. Make sure you purchase enough to cover (and possibly) re-cover every egg.
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    Gather supplies for glittering. You’ll need newsprint to cover and protect a clean surface, a paper plate to hold residual glitter and an area to allow your eggs to sit and dry .

Part 2
Glitter Eggs

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    Set up your workspace so you can douse the eggs with glitter. Cover workspace with newsprint and open and assemble your supplies. If needed, transfer glitter to a small bowl.
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    Wipe any excess dust or debris from the egg. If you’ve hard boiled the egg, make sure it is free of water and has cooled and dried completely.
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    Place the egg on the newsprint and cover one side with either spray adhesive or Mod Podge. Make sure you completely cover that one side, using a paint brush if you are using Mod Podge.
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    Sprinkle glitter over the glue immediately, pouring over the paper plate. Make sure you “over” cover the egg so that the glitter fills every area.
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    Allow the egg to dry. Make sure you allow ample time for the egg to dry completely.
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    Turn dried glitter egg over to the other side and repeat the glue and glitter process.
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    Make sure you have covered every area of the egg with glue and glitter before finishing the project.
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  • Use an empty egg carton to store eggs and/or allow to them to dry.
  • Create designs by painting patterns on the egg with adhesive glue and then covering with different colors of glitter.

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