How to Make Fruit Baubles

Whether it is for a festive occasion, a celebratory event or just for fun, fruit baubles can provide fast and pretty decorations. They're simple to put together from just fruit plus ribbon or cord. And provided you have seasonal fruit, they won't cost much either.


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    Choose the fruit. Suitable fruit includes apples, pears, oranges, mandarins, lemons, etc. Choose good quality specimens, as these will be on display.
    • Seasonal fruit is good, as it's affordable and likely to be in the best condition. It also helps to celebrate the season.
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    Wrap the chosen hanging material around the fruit. You could use cord, raffia, thin ribbon, string, etc. The method for wrapping is as follows:
    • Wind the cord around the fruit in the same manner as for tying string around a parcel.
    • Tie a strong knot to secure in place at the top. Leave plenty of cord intact for hanging the fruit from at the top and for adding decoration at the bottom.
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    With the remaining cord, tie a loop at the top. This is what the fruit bauble will hang from.
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    For the bottom hanging cord, thread decorations in place to dangle. Beads, dried citrus slices, herbs, etc., can be threaded on. Tie a firm knot to keep the decorative pieces in place. Trim off excess and neaten.
    • If using raffia, fray the end after cutting for the dangling base piece. This adds a nice touch.
    • If using ribbon, cut the end piece in a V shape, or diagonally, to prevent further fraying.
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    Hang the fruit bauble. It's heavier than your standard bauble, so use either a sturdy branch, curtain rod, thick dowel, or other such strong item for hanging from.


  • Make as many of these as you wish. A row of these hanging from a tree branch, which is then suspended in some way, looks very effective as a seasonal decoration.
  • Beads can also be threaded to the top loop, where it meets the fruit, for an added dimension.


  • Fruits that rot quickly are not suitable for this project.

Things You'll Need

  • Suitable fruit
  • Cord of some type, raffia, ribbon, string/twine, etc.
  • Scissors
  • Beads, sequins, decorations which can be threaded, dried citrus fruit slices, dried etc. for adding an extra decorative dimension (optional)
  • A good hanger, such as a tree branch, curtain rod or thick dowel

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