How to Make Friends with the New Girl in Your Class (for Girls)

So there's this new girl in your class, and she seems nice. What happens if you don't exactly know how to start becoming her friend, though? This article will teach you how to get to know her!


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    Introduce yourself. Something like 'Hi, My name is [name]. What's yours?'
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    Ask inventive questions. Remember, she's probably heard 'So what school are you from?' 100 times already. Instead of asking her the same thing, try getting a little more creative and ask things such as, "What are your favorite sports?" or, "What TV shows do you like?" See if you have anything in common!
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    Compliment her, but make sure you mean it. If you compliment her too much, or compliment her on something you aren't sincere about, she'll see right through you, and you may even come across as fake.
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    Be nice to her! She's probably extremely nervous. The nicer you are, the more comfortable she'll feel around you, and the sooner you can become friends.
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    Introduce her to your other friends and call her by her name, not as 'the new girl.'
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    Offer to eat lunch with her or sit next to her in class. Fill her in with what had been going on before she came.
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    Give her some advice. For example, if she's wearing hooped earrings and the school only allows studs, tell her. Just try not to make it seem like you're singling her out or picking on her. You could phrase it as something like, "Yeah, I wish I could wear hoops, but the teachers said they were against school rules."
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    Ask for her contact details and give her yours. You should probably do this after a couple of days, just so you don't come across as too clingy.
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    Invite her out at the weekend with your friends. Make her feel like part of your group.
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    If she's sitting alone at class, sit with her, but don't use a blank expression when you walk over to her (at least while she's still getting used to things). Smile!
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    If she comes to you asking a doubt, don't discourage her! Instead, try to clear her doubts.


  • Remember: first impressions are important, you don't get a second one!
  • Always make the first move. It takes a very proactive person to reach out and make friends in an unfamiliar environment. You're in a familiar environment, so it's easy for you.
  • Just be yourself. If you try to act like someone else around her, she won't get to become friends with the real you!
  • Don't lie to make yourself sound good.


  • Don't let her get bullied! If you see someone making fun of her, tell someone.
  • Don't always be following her around or helping her at everything; she might want to do it by her self and feel annoyed with you always being with her. Instead, give her space every now and then.
  • She may not want to be friends with you! Everyone's different, and some people just don't mesh well with others.

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