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Four Parts:Being friendlyCollaborating on the siteInteracting on wikiHowMeeting wikiHow friends for real

You're bound to make friends at wikiHow, because it's a collaborative effort. We all interact and support each other, and with that, sometimes bonds develop. Some people on wikiHow have been friends for many years, but it isn't as simple as asking "Do you want to be friends?".

Part 1
Being friendly

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    Act friendly . Most people are innately drawn to friendly people with a cheerful countenance about them. To connect with like-minded people and get more friends, be welcoming and respectful.
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    Read the testimonies on the "Meet a Community Member" display. This provides an opportunity to contact the member on their talk page and voice your appreciation for all they have done for wikiHow over the span of their membership.
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    Understand that you will be interacting with people of all ages. wikiHow is a site for readers of all ages and for contributors over 13. Thus, the conversation level is expected to be mature and respectful.
    • Avoid asking "Do you want to be friends?". Asking someone if they want to be friends isn't an effective way to make friends on wikiHow. Most of all, do not keep pestering people with this question.
    • Avoid asking personal questions such as how old someone is, where they live or what grade level they are at in school.
    • Respect people's privacy. Absolutely never ask what school/college/workplace they go to. This gives away a lot of information about a person, and many people don't wish to reveal this much information online. Since this isn't a social networking site, do not expect people to divulge more than they feel is appropriate to collaborate together.
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    Keep in contact. If you have some wiki friends already, then leave a friendly greeting on their talk page every now and then to show that you still admire their connection with you.
    • While making new friends, don't overlook maintaining your old friendships too.

Part 2
Collaborating on the site

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    Contribute to wikiHow. Get to know the site, its policies and the role of regular contributors well. This project will be the foundation for creating more friendships, so it's good to find your niche to contribute to the wikiHow mission. Many people on wikiHow bond over the joys and frustrations of contributing to this project over time, so the more involved you are, the more people you'll be able to connect with.
    • Check out the Community Dashboard for some fun editing tools to help out with.
    • Realize that many existing contributors want to see dedication and ongoing participation before they trust that you have made a decision to be part of the community. If someone doesn't seem to interact much with you when you first begin, try again later when you've become much more of a regular.
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    Take a glance at the "Recent Changes" box. You will see activities which many users are currently doing or have done. You can greet the users on their talk page, or even help them out by thanking them for their contributions.
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    Read people's contributor pages. Get to know what they're interested in, where they live and any facts they are willing to share from this page. This can help you find out more about certain contributors and might even show you the people who are in your area.
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    Write a new article. Choose a topic of interest. Others will eventually join in, so you can ask for their advice and expertise.
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    Answer a suggested topic. Send a message to an editor that posted the request, and offer to collaborate on the article. Collaborating on a how-to together spurs teamwork and is a very effective way to make friends here.
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    Start a few stubs. Ask others to contribute to make it a group activity. Ask on the Help section of the forum for others to join in. Get a new perspective and spur each other's creativity.
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    Read new articles. Send a special note of appreciation to several authors and editors. They'll enjoy the recognition and you'll make instant connections with others on the site.
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    Join a wikiHow team. There's always plenty to be done. It's fun to pursue a common interest together. Share your thoughts and ideas about projects in the forum Collaboration section.
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    Take the time to explain things thoroughly. After you feel you know the site well, consider learning to welcome new users. Your welcoming attitude and approach will be truly appreciated.

Part 3
Interacting on wikiHow

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    Be generous with your support and friendly feedback. If you come across a really nice article or edit, discover the author or editor and let them know what a great article they have composed or edit they've made. By passing on your gratitude, you will probably see people do the same right back to you.
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    Discover the chat rooms. Freely converse with your new friends in the General Chat forum and the IRC Chatroom.
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    Exchange email. Wish someone a happy birthday. Arrange to have lunch or a cup of coffee now and then. Invite your new friends to a party over the holidays!
    • Realize that some contributors do not want to be emailed or won't answer if they don't feel they know you well enough. Don't take it personally, it's their right to preserve their privacy.

Part 4
Meeting wikiHow friends for real

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    Look for other contributors who live within your area. You might even sponsor a wikiHow seminar that others would enjoy attending. Get others involved in the presentation if you like.
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    Attend a meetup. wikiHow hosts annual events, called meetups, where community members get together and hang out for a few days in a specific location. If you plan to attend an annual meetup, you will meet your friends in person and have a blast!


  • If someone asks you if you want to be friends, respond with this talk page template.
  • Realize that people are from a variety of cultures. Cross-cultural communication is valued highly on wikiHow, so always assume good faith and ask open questions, trying your hardest to understand things from other contributors' perspectives.


  • wikiHow is not a social networking site. Excessive chatting about non-wikiHow related topics tends to create too much work for our volunteers. For alternatives to chatting here, please see How to Find Alternatives to Chatting on wikiHow.
  • Don't edit stalk other contributors. This refers to the practice of reading another contributor's edit history and editing straight after them in a repeated and constant manner. This is not considered to be friendly as it can feel like you are stalking the contributor. If you want to be friendly and point out any repeated errors you keep seeing a contributor making, send them a pleasant talk page message about it, so that they learn what you're noticing instead. Be prepared to accept that they may have a reason for what they're doing too!
  • Understand that some people are very reserved. That's their right; stay polite and civil toward them, and respect their need for space. Know that they still appreciate you sending them a kind word every now and then. They may just not feel secure, safe or bold enough to interact directly. Don't take it personally.
  • Unkind, mean-spirited and curse language is not tolerated on talk pages. Do not leave messages of this type. If you are upset at someone, take a break to think it over before composing a message to that contributor. If you feel you need to sort out something with another user but don't feel up to talking to them directly, ask a community manager or administrator to help be your intermediary.

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