How to Make Friends at College Freshman Orientation

So you're a freshman in college, ready for the next chapter in your life but know nobody? No worries, here are some tips to help you meet people in college!


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    Meet and greet with your dorm neighbors. This is a valuable and helpful step as you will be living next to them for the rest of the school year, introduce yourself when you move in. Ask where they are from and what they are going to major in. Find common interests and invite them over to watch some movies or play some video games.
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    Go to the orientation events. This is basically a designated meeting ground where you can mingle with others, and going with your dorm neighbors or roommates is a perfect way to meet more people.
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    Hang out with your orientation group. Chances are likely you will be placed in a group of approximately ten people for a few days. This is your chance to meet potential classmates and friends here. Take advantage of it! I cannot stress to you how important this is as you will meet people who are looking for friends too. Talk, go to your workshops together, make witty comments, and ask questions!
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    Go to the club fair and ask questions about clubs! If you're in ping pong, go to the ping pong club and ask about their meetings. Talk about how you placed in the top three at your high school and are looking to expand your skills here, or for the drama club, how you were in two plays. Find clubs that suit you and sign up for them!
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    Be yourself. Just because college is a new chapter doesn't mean you have to make up astronomical lies like how you could have played pro ball if it wasn't for your knee, or how much action you got in high school because here, nobody gives a darn. Being yourself will take you places farther than those lies ever could. If you like Yu-Gi-Oh, you'll find fellow college students who you can duel, or those two neighbors who are just as obsessed with "The Walking Dead" as you are. From there, you can build up your relationship with these college students.
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    Have fun! Don't freak out when your parents leave, take a few breathers, and just go out there. College is your time. Don't waste your opportunity at a new chapter in your story, and relax. All good things come over time, and don't look back with any regrets. Move forward, you will have your chances. Good luck!


  • Don't be that cocky freshman who shows everyone the condoms in their wallet/purse and talk about how much action they're going to get in college. That guy will probably not get laid for the next two years.
  • Stand out in your own way, there's nothing wrong with that!
  • Don't talk about how horrible your ex-girlfriend was for cheating on you, don't come off with a negative vibe! Forget it, move on, and talk about new topics. When the time comes, you can talk about it. By then that should be a week into classes!
  • Don't go around asking where the parties are. Chances are slim you'll get that lucky the first week, but when time time comes where someone invites you, don't act like you just won the lottery. Just say yes or no.
  • Don't mention politics/religion.


  • Orientation is for meeting people and settling down, not getting laid and sleeping in. You will get kicked out before school starts if you slack off too much!
  • Don't drink/smoke shit in the dorms. Seriously. Save that for the pothead's van or the bar.
  • If you throw a party, don't invite every soul you see out there. One of those souls will probably tattle on you.
  • Don't pursue a relationship right away, a vast majority of them do not end well at all!

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