How to Make Flowers With Clay

Adore the clay flowers Thai artists are renowned for making so beautifully? You can create your own lovely treasures today, with a little practice and patience, following these simple steps.


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    Flatten four 1' x 1' mounds of soft clay using a dough roller, or fingers, until each is less than 1/4 of an inch thick.
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    Place a few drops of Acrylic paint (Green for stems and leaves, brown for centers, and the two other colors you wish the flower petals to be.) into the center of each respective piece of clay. (Put your gloves on.)
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    Carefully fold clay (with paint in the center) over onto itself repeatedly, until the clay has absorbed the paint and reached the color consistency you desire. (Don't forget to change gloves as you work with each new color.)
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    Pull thumb-sized bits of the newly tinted clay off and use fingers and/or sharp knife to shape each part of the flower. Use the fork to create a realistic center for each of your flowers (Centers should be filled with holes and left slightly greater in circumference than you intend to remain visible as the petal tips will be pressed all around this piece of clay.). Then, roll out a stem for each flower and attach firmly to the centers.
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    Using the non-tined end of your fork, press each of the petal ends into the center piece of clay, firmly, and allow assembled flower to dry completely. (Drying time varies considerably depending on the type of clay you choose to use.) Now, wash up and you're done!
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  • Tinting your clay prior to molding it is potentially quite messy, but having the basic color scheme you require within the clay will allow you to create beautiful flowers quickly and easily.
  • If you've molded each flower petal with your fingers, leave your fingerprints embedded and use the unique texture (once the pieces have dried) by dry-brushing a contrasting paint color, or gold leaf, over each petal; the resulting flowers will be naturally beautiful!
  • If you have no child handy, pretend you are teaching a little one to create these most lovely clay flowers. You'll amaze yourself with your own creativity and talent.
  • Some types of clay, such as self-made recipes found online, shrink as they dry, which can cover a multitude of sins and add amazing charm to your creations. ;)


  • Prior to beginning this project, put on your least favorite clothes, and cover your work area to prevent paint or clay from ruining your prized furniture and/or carpeting.

Things You'll Need

  • Light/White Air Drying Modeling Clay (Make your own by combining 1 part corn starch, 2 parts baking soda, and water over heat. Cool before shaping/cutting.).
  • Acrylic Paint.
  • Sharp Knife.
  • A detailed image (or ten) of flowers, for inspiration.
  • A dough roller. (optional)
  • A Fork (for creating a realistic center for each flower).
  • A Box of Disposable Latex Gloves.

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