How to Make Festive Drinks

Each holiday is unique to another. Whether it is giving thanks or celebrating Halloween, pair up your food with a bold drink to make the night complete.


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    Try new hot drinks. Spice up your eggnog, try pumpkin flavored coffee, or treat yourself to a special St. Patrick's Irish coffee. Hot chocolate is a very common treat to keep warm during those cold nights. There are many possibilities, flavors, and treats to add in a simple hot chocolate or cocoa recipe, such as using candy canes or Cadbury chocolate.
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    Blend some holiday smoothies and milkshakes. There's nothing like a blended or whipped drink to celebrate the holidays with.
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    Take an adult party to a new level. Why go to the store and get a bottle of wine? Make the holidays unforgettable with unique cocktails!
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    Make some holiday mentionable martinis.
    • Candy apple martini
    • Candy cane martini
    • Eggnog martini
    • Frozen pumpkin pie martini
    • "Mad Eye" martini, a great Halloween drink from Harry Potter
    • Pumpkin martini
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    Add alcohol to gelatin to create festive Jello shots for your parties.
    • Mistletoe Jello shots
    • Pumpkin pie Jello shots
    • Zombie brain Jello shots
    • Easter egg Jello shots
    • Fourth of July Jello shots
    • Hanukkah Jello shots
    • Eggnog Jello shots
    • Candy corn Jello shots
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    Make drinks for kids. Allow them to enjoy the holidays as much as adults. Any mocktail, especially mock champagne can be added with a drop or two of food coloring to give it a bold color. Get them into Halloween with some "worm juice" or pumpkin juice, which is also very nutritious.

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