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Three Methods:Making Fake Diarrhea to Leave in the ToiletMaking Fake Hard Poo to Leave AroundSelling Your Stomach Problems

There's nothing grosser than diarrhea, so fake poop is a great trick to pull on someone you're trying to prank! Whether you want to leave explosive diarrhea in a toilet bowl or hide a harder fake poo around the house, you just need a few household ingredients to gross out your friends.

Method 1
Making Fake Diarrhea to Leave in the Toilet

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    Gather your materials.[1] To make this runny diarrhea that you can leave in a toilet, you’ll need to gather the following materials:
    • A large bowl and a spoon
    • Soda water (or any other clear, fizzy drink)
    • Jarred queso
    • Cocoa powder or mix
    • A packet of instant oatmeal
    • Kibble, like dry dog or cat food
    • A large ziplock bag
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    Crush kibble into a rough powder. You want to make about 1.5 cups of kibble powder. If you have a mortar and pestle in your kitchen, you can use that to grind the kibble. Many people don't have one, though. If that's the case, just pour the kibble into a ziplock bag and seal it, making sure to get as much air out as possible. Put it on the ground and step on it, crushing the kibble until it becomes a powder.
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    Combine the kibble with the other dry ingredients. Pour the kibble powder into a large bowl, then add about a cup of cocoa powder or mix and a packet of instant oatmeal. Stir the dry ingredients together with a spoon to mix them all together.
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    Stir in your jarred queso. Start with 3-4 tablespoons, but you can adjust that amount. Look at the consistency and decide if you want to thicken the mixture up at all. Keep in mind, though, that diarrhea is supposed to be very thin. You'll add soda water to get the perfect consistency in the next step.
    • If you don't have queso on hand, you can use mashed up ripe bananas or a thick mustard. Grainy mustards can work well to give the diarrhea an especially gross appearance.
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    Add about a cup of soda water. As with the queso, start small and add more liquid as necessary. You can always add more water, but you can't take it out once you've poured it in. Keep mixing the ingredients together with a spoon until it reaches a runny consistency that look like diarrhea.
    • If the mixture gets too runny, you might add some more dry ingredients to give it back some texture.
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    Pour your fake diarrhea into a toilet bowl. Get ready to make a mess! Pour the diarrhea from a little bit of a height — just above the rim of the toilet bowl. This will cause it to splash a bit, spreading the fake diarrhea up the sides of the toilet bowl. It'll look both gross and realistic.
    • Make sure to clean up the fake diarrhea from any places that would be unbelievable. If someone actually had diarrhea, it couldn't get on top of the toilet seat or on the lid.

Method 2
Making Fake Hard Poo to Leave Around

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    Spoon some peanut butter into a bowl.[2] You can make as little or as much fake poo as you’d like. For a small amount, use at least 2 tablespoons of peanut butter.
    • Though you’ll add chocolate syrup in the next step, the amount of peanut butter you use is about how much fake poop you’ll have.
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    Cover the peanut butter with chocolate syrup. Drizzle the syrup over the peanut butter until it's completely covered, but not drowning. Mix them together well. The peanut butter should become darker, taking on a more "poo-like" color and texture.
    • Add more peanut butter or syrup as needed to get the color and texture you want.
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    Microwave for the mixture. Start with about 30 seconds, then add time 10 seconds at a time until the peanut butter gets loose and pliable. You don't want to burn the peanut butter, or else the fake poo won't look realistic.
    • You might want to cover the bowl with a paper towel or microwave lid to keep it from splattering and making a mess.
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    Scoop the mixture into a ziplock bag. The fake poo will be pretty hot at this point, so be careful not to burn yourself.
    • Depending on how thick a consistency you made, you might not even need to spoon it. Turn the bag inside out, grab the mixture, and pull the bag back right-side out.
    • Seal the peanut butter/syrup mixture into the ziplock bag so it doesn't spill out and make a mess.
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    Snip off a corner of the ziplock bag. You're going to use it as a spout to squeeze out the mixture in a poo-like shape. The larger the corner you snip off, the thicker the fake poop will be.
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    Squeeze out your fake poop. The mixture might still be warm, but do this step before it cools down too much. Once the peanut butter cools down, you won't be able to squeeze it through the bag easily.
    • Squeeze the fake poop out onto a plate or paper towel.
    • If you know where you want to place it, you can squeeze it directly into that spot.

Method 3
Selling Your Stomach Problems

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    Complain about stomach pain ahead of time. If you're going to leave your fake diarrhea in the toilet for someone to find, set up the prank ahead of time. Make sure the person you're pranking overhears you talking about how bad your stomach hurts.
    • It may help to hunch over like you're in pain, or wince from time to time.
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    Don't complain immediately after eating, though. Food poisoning usually doesn't kick in immediately. If you start faking symptoms right after a meal, people might get suspicious. Wait about half an hour before you mention anything's wrong.
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    Say you feel nauseous. Stomach pain isn't the only symptom of food poisoning. Say you feel nauseous, too. Act like you don't know whether you need to poop or throw up.
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    Speculate about the cause. If you've eaten the same thing as the people around you, ask them if they're feeling any of your "symptoms." If you didn't eat with them, list the things you ate earlier in the day that might cause food poisoning. Maybe you ate leftovers that sat around for too long in the fridge. Maybe the restaurant you ate at earlier looked and smelled unclean.
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    Don’t eat in front of the person you’re pranking. Nobody will believe you feel sick if you're chomping happily away at snacks. If someone offers you food, say "Thanks, but I don't feel good right now. I don't think I should add anything more to the mix in my stomach right now!"
    • Instead, make a big show out of drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated.


  • If you have anything that smells disgusting, put a bit of that in it.
  • Adding more ingredients can help. Like beans would help to make it look lumpy!
  • If you do this to fake sick, make fake vomit as well to make it more convincing.
  • The chunkier, the better!
  • Putting it in a cold place is the best thing to do, so it wont melt.
  • Putting it on the floor while it's frozen will allow it to melt, and make a disgusting look-a-like mess.
  • It may gross people out!
  • Eat it to disgust anybody!


  • Placing the "hard poo" somewhere warm will make it melt and look unrealistic.
  • Don't burn ingredients in the microwave.

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