How to Make Everyone Love You (Teen Girls)

Do you feel as like you are always the outsider? Do you want to be noticed and loved by everyone for a change? Do you want people to be addicted to being your friend? If you feel this way, then this is the article for you!


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    Make a good first impression. First impressions are crucial, so make sure yours is stellar. First impressions are always the ticket to having people love you. If people see you dressing well, then they'll want to be friends with you. But, if they aren't attracted to being your friend, then how will they ever have a chance to know what's hiding beneath all the baggy clothes? Get a look that suits you, and wear it with pride.
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    Show confidence. This is incredibly important, as it makes or breaks the whole process. You can be a shining beauty, but if you do not have confidence, you will not go very far toward your goal. Walk with your head held high, back straight and a smile on your face. You might feel awkward, but trust that it doesn't look as bad as you think it does. Speaking clearly and loudly is also part of having lots of confidence. Try not to be overconfident, or people might start to think that you are just downright cocky.
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    Be fun. Everyone loves to be around people who can make them laugh and smile. Having fun is what also attracts people to you. When other people see you having fun, they'll want to join in on whatever you're doing, so make sure you look like you're having fun! Be hyper, crack jokes, make people feel comfortable around you. Even if someone approaches you that isn't exactly your type, that means you're off to a good start because everyone will love and want to be your friend.
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    Smile. Everyone loves to see a smile - it will light up their whole day.
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    Say hi. Even if you are just walking in the corridors, say hi to people. They will realise that you are a nice person and will want to know you better.
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    Love yourself. This goes without saying. If you love yourself, then people will see that and respect your self image. Compliment yourself. Treat yourself - massages, a mani/pedi or just hanging out with your friends without doing any homework or other stressful activities.
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    Stay healthy. You don't necessarily have to be fit, but eating 2 servings of fruit, 5 of veges and plenty of water really helps. Water, when the proper amount is consumed (8 metric cups per day), makes your skin glow and flushes put all of the toxins. Eating a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables does help your complexion too. Exercise regularly, aiming for three times a week. Build it up from there. You don't have to slog away at the gym either. Join a dance class, get some yoga DVDs or go biking with your friends.
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    Be clean. No one likes a smelly girl. Shower once a day, or at least every second day. Wash your hair every second day. You should exfoliate once to twice a week. Salt mixed with body wash is good for your body, but mix in a little white sugar with your facial cleanser to exfoliate the face. Don't do this too often, otherwise it can irritate the skin. Brush your teeth - preferably with a whitening product - twice a day, floss once daily so as not to make your gums bleed and use mouthwash for minty fresh breath. Don't forget that spritz of perfume before you leave.
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    Care for your skin. Develop a skin cleansing routine for oily skin. If you are blessed with naturally flawless skin, still wash with cold water every morning and evening to prevent those dreaded pimples. Those with skin problems - try to keep your products as natural as possible. Tea tree oil is perfect. Cleanse every morning and evening. To wet your face, use warm water to open the pores. Gently smooth the cleanser over your entire face in circular motions, then rinse with cold water. These are just general instructions - please read the back of your products. And don't forget to moisturise!
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    Groom yourself. Get a manicure - French tips are easy and always classy. Make sure you look presentable, that your clothes are neat. try to get some fashionable items into your wardrobes - wearing 'fad' items can actually gain you some respect. But don't directly copy the trend (say, if black converse are in, get a red pair). Make it your own.


  • Keep a smile on your face, even if you're not having the best day.
  • Laugh lots, but don't be a loudmouth. Know when to shut up, and when to let your personality shine.
  • Love yourself, no matter what.
  • Be kind and helpful even if you don't want to.

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