How to Make Every Day Mother's Day

Sometimes the best thing a mom can do for her family is give them a more refreshed and revitalized mom. These self-care ideas are simple, but provide new energy for the work and joy of motherhood. Build a little Mother’s Day into every day.


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    Let children help. Children take joy in giving and being helpful participants too. They can help you take time for yourself as well as lend a hand to household chores. Tiny hands give nice hand and foot massages. Letting a child brush your hair feels very relaxing. Ask your child to take Mom for stroll. Depending on their ages, children can help prepare dinner, fold and sort laundry, put away silverware or wash and dry dishes. They’ll be proud. You’ll be pleased.
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    Plant a bulb and watch it grow. This is a simple activity with an important purpose. Time is one of the biggest stresses of Motherhood. Children seem to grow up in a heartbeat. It’s important to allow time for reflection and observation along the way. Watching a new bulb sprout, grow and bloom serves as a reminder of the similar, everyday progress in your child’s life.
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    Keep a Mother’s Journal. As a Mom, no one gives you a positive performance review or a raise, but it’s important to acknowledge your achievements. Capture your successes by keeping a journal. Write daily, weekly or whenever the mood strikes. Record your experiences so you can celebrate your accomplishments. Write about the funny or frustrating things your children do. Tell what you have learned as a Mother. When you need a pick me up, read about a favorite hug, gift or moment in your child’s life.
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    Read the Tao of Motherhood. This book by Vimala McClure is written in short passages that provide quick inspiration in harried moments. When raising children feels like routine work, re-energize your emotional and spiritual connection to your child with this excellent read. The book offers gentle comfort when maintaining “World’s Greatest Mom” status overwhelms. Take a deep breath and remember every day is Mother’s Day. Honor the power of your love for your children.

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