How to Make Elegant Wedding Invitations at Home

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Do you want your wedding invitations to be elegant and perfect? Do you want to save money on your wedding invitations? Read the rest of this article for tips on making elegant wedding invitations at home. There's no way you can fail!

Sample Wedding Invitations

Sample Family Wedding Invitation

Sample Wedding Invitation from Bride and Groom

Sample Wedding Invitation from Parents

Making Your Own Elegant Wedding Invitations

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    Choose a font. Choose the size you want. You can have big, small, or medium. Some computers allow you to have a font style too! You can look through all of the styles and fonts.
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    Think about what you want to say. What do you want to say? This is an example:
    • Dear Sally,
    • Guess what?!?! Josh asked to marry me! Isn't that great? And since we have been friends for so long, I want to know if you would like to come! Yea, I know how happy you are. We are having our wedding in Garden city New York, be sure to be on time, starts at 12:30.
    • Love Karen!!
    • Start your letter off with a preppy sentence. Include details around who is getting married and be sure to invite your guests thoughtfully, by saying things like: "We'd be so happy if you could join us on our special day". If you are inviting family, you might word it differently. Don't forget the date and time of the wedding, and your signature to end the letter.
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    Print the Invitation. Most people use Microsoft but if you have a different way of getting a text program, go right ahead. Also be aware of the paper size. Most people put a card on a paper fit for a truck. Do not do that, a small card is better for transportation.
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    Accessorize! You can add little bows, ties, jewels and other cool styles. Make it the way you want it; after all, if you're going to make them yourself, make them the way you want them. No-one knows your style like you do!
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    Send them out by post or hand deliver your invites. You're done!

Sample RSVP Cards

Sample Formal RSVP Card

Sample Informal RSVP Card

Sample Funny RSVP Card


  • When printing think about only printing one invitation at a time. Even know this will take longer, it can save you the paper jam.
  • If there are 2 people that you are inviting who live together, one invitation for them both is okay.


  • If there is somebody that you don't want to come but they live with somebody you do want to invite, invite them anyway. The person who didn't get an invitation may feel that they did something wrong if you exclude them.

Things You'll Need

  • accessories
  • envelope
  • working mind

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