How to Make Edible Napkin Rings

At dinners it's fun to have something special and what's more special then edible napkin rings. They are awesome for holidays but also for normal occasions. Most important they are easy to make.


  • Refrigerated breadstick dough. you can find this at almost any store. You can also make this dough yourself.
  • Edible glitter. What color you get is up to you, but try something that fits the occasion or works with the color of the napkins, table, etc.
  • Cooking spray.


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    Prepare the aluminum foil. Make sure you have an entire roll, you'll be surprised how much you'll need. Start tearing large pieces off and roll them in your hand until you have a large stick that's at least an inch and a half across. You can put about 3 napkin rings on each stick, so make sure you have enough. Once you have enough sticks, spray them heavily in cooking spray.
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    Prepare the dough. Take them out of the tube and separate the breadsticks. Cut them all in half, but in the long way, so you have 2 very skinny breadsticks. Now roll each piece until they are about half their size, somewhere between a pencil and a pinkie finger.
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    Put together the napkin rings. The easiest way is using the spiral technique. Take one foil stick and one piece of dough: Lay one end of the dough on the foil, pressing it gently to make it stick. Take the rest of the dough and spiral around the foil stick, keeping the spirals close together. do this until it resembles 3 rings around the foil and cut of the excess dough. Press the other end slightly as well. Do this for all rings.
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    Decorate the rings. use your edible glitter and cover the rings in them. You can make different color rings, or use multiple colors on one ring. Do whatever you want and have fun.
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    Preheat your oven according to the directions on the breadstick container. Because decorating will take a while, you can start preheating while you do it. Put the foil sticks with the dough on a regular cookie sheet and bake for the time stated on the dough container. Be careful not to burn them though, as they are now in smaller amounts. Afterwards take the out, let them cool and put them around the napkins. Make sure they are cooled completely before removing them from the foil!


  • You don't have to limit yourself to edible glitter. You can use various other edible thins to decorate before or after the rings are baked.
  • You can also use a toothpick to make small drawings on the ring!
  • Avoid poisoning your dinner guests so they'll want to—and be around to—come again another night.


  • Check to make sure you added enough cooking spray to your foil sticks, or it will be a pain to remove the rings afterwards.

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