How to Make Easter Grass

Easter grass is useful for placing in the base of Easter baskets, around Easter cakes, desserts and other food and as a decorative item. This article suggests a few ways to make your own Easter grass!


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    Make Easter grass from paper. Select a lightweight paper in the colour of your choice. Either cut thin strips of the paper or shred it and retrieve the shreddings. It can be twisted, bent, curled or pushed into the shape needed under your display item.
    • Use a wide range of Easter pastel colors to make the grass.
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    • If using a shredder, empty it first so that the usual office paper doesn't get mixed in with the Easter grass paper. If making different colors (such as pastels like pink, yellow, purple, etc.), remove each one after shredding to avoid getting them all mixed up.
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    Make Easter grass from cellophane. Purchase green cellophane and clear cellophane. Cut a row of very thin strips of each color and mix together. Use to line baskets, inside Easter nests and for decoration. This is also good for lining candy and chocolate boxes.
    • As with the cellophane, the colors can vary if preferred.
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    Make Easter grass from candy. Use green (apple) shoestring licorice to replicate Easter grass underneath chocolate bunnies, lamb or bunny cake displays, etc. Other long green candies local to your area could also be shaped into Easter grass for edible sweet displays.
    • For cupcakes, Easter grass could be as simple as dying shredded coconut green (or any other desired color) and added to the cupcake tops.
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    Use lettuce. If you're making a savory dish such as an aspic mold or a rice mold, and you want to add some Easter grass to the base, shredded lettuce can work really well to simulate Easter grass for such edible items.
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    Grow some real Easter grass. If you'd like your kids to learn how plants grow, plant some wheat, sprouts or grass in a shallow container and grow the grass. Grow direct into a basket or display container and make sure to plant the plants in time for plenty of growth by Easter weekend. After it has been used as a gift, the wheat or grass can be planted in the garden, while sprouts can be eaten.

Things You'll Need

  • Green paper and scissors (or other colors of paper)
  • Green and clear cellophane and scissors
  • Candies
  • Lettuce
  • Display objects

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