How to Make Easter Egg Bunnies

Three Parts:Transforming the egg into a bunnyAdding the bunny's facial detailsAdding the Easter treats

Easter egg bunnies are a simple craft that transforms a plastic egg into a bunny. Pop some Easter egg chocolates inside and you've got a sweet treat. Happy Easter!

Part 1
Transforming the egg into a bunny

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    Use a plastic Easter egg that opens up. It needs to be of sufficient size to accommodate your Easter treats.
    • Choose the color you like best. Or make a whole set and choose a variety of colors.
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    Glue on the bunny's tail. Hot glue a cotton ball towards the bottom of the Easter egg.
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    Make the ears.
    • Draw two long bunny ears on some copy paper. Cut them out with safety scissors. You won't be adding these just yet; use them as the template to shape the pipe cleaners.
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    • Take two small, thin, pipe cleaners. Bend them into bunny's ear shapes following the shape of the paper ear backs, then hot glue the pipe cleaner ears in place. Add them towards the top of the Easter egg.
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Part 2
Adding the bunny's facial details

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    Craft facial details. Using a permanent marker (preferably Sharpie Brand), draw a smiling mouth and a bunny nose.
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    Glue on the eyes. Hot glue two googly eyes on the bunny's head where eyes would be best placed.
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    Add the ear backs to the pipe cleaner ears. Use scotch tape to tape each side of the bunny ears to the back of the pipe cleaner ears. Keep this as neat as possible.

Part 3
Adding the Easter treats

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    Deposit treats within. Inside the bunny put some chocolate eggs or other Easter treats. Include a little Post-it note saying "Happy Easter!" and maybe a little picture on you've hand drawn.


  • When buying plastic eggs, check to be sure the plastic egg you use opens up.
  • This Easter activity was shown on the Even Stevens movie.


  • Always use appropriate care when using a hot glue gun. Do not use washable glue.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic egg that opens (as many as you wish to make)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scotch tape
  • Copy paper
  • Scissors
  • Easter egg chocolate
  • Post-it note
  • Marker, pencil, crayon, or pen
  • Permanent marker (preferably Sharpie brand)
  • Googly eyes

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