How to Make Easter Cupcakes

There are many possibilities for making an Easter cupcake but really, it comes down to the topping. This article sets out a number of ideas for turning your usual favorite cupcakes into Easter wonders.


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    Select your cupcake recipe. Follow it to make as many cupcakes as you'd like. Once they've cooled down, follow one of the suggested decorating options below.
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    Decide on your decorating options. Choosing a topping design for your Easter cupcakes will depend on such things as the ingredients you have available or can obtain, whether the cupcakes need to match an Easter theme for your table setting and what you think those eating the cakes might like. Most of all, being inspired by existing ideas will help you a lot, so the following steps present a number of suggestions to do just that.
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    Decorate the cupcakes with chicks. Chicks are an obvious choice for Easter cupcake toppings and there are many different possibilities for this topping. Here are some ideas:
    • Mold Easter chicks from yellow fondant or sugar paste. Frost each cupcake with white frosting and place the chick in the middle. Decorate with candy grass.
    • Frost each cupcake. Stick chick peeps on each cupcake.
    • Frost the cupcake with yellow frosting. Stick a small chocolate egg (about 5cm/2" in height) in the middle of the cupcake. Draw the yellow frosting over the chocolate cupcake as well so that the yellow frosting covers the egg and the top of the cupcake. The decorated egg forms the chick's body. Use an orange jelly bean for the beak and two small chocolate drops for eyes. Pipe a little extra squiggly bit on top of the chick's head.
    • Frost each cupcake. Sprinkle toasted shredded coconut across the topping, to serve as nest material. Settle little Easter chicks into each cupcake. Small eggs can be turned into little chicks by adding eyes and beak using frosting, chopped candies and melted chocolate for eyes and beak.
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    Decorate the cupcakes with bunnies. This is another obvious choice for an Easter cupcake topping. Bunnies are always liked by children, so they're a natural choice for cupcakes aimed at them. Here are some ideas:
    • Pipe buttercream onto each cupcake. Fashion rabbit's ears out of chocolate, marshmallow or other candies. Stick a pair on each cupcake. Use plain cupcake cases and draw a nose, eyes and whiskers onto the case.
      • Rabbit's ears can also be added and nothing else.
      • Use cookies or hard biscuits shaped like ears on for an easy rabbit's ear look.
    • Fashion fondant bunnies and pipe buttercream frosting onto each cupcake. Place the fondant bunny on each cupcake. Add sprinkles, edible glitter, candy grass, etc.
    • Frost the cupcake and stick a small chocolate bunny on top.
    • Frost the cupcake and place bunny peeps on top.
    • A cute design is to make a cupcake topping that looks like the bunny burrowing into green frosting (grass). Make each bunny backside using fondant or sugar paste: mold one shape for the bunny's butt, two smaller sides for two paws and one small round ball for the tail. Frost the cupcake with green frosting, then place the body on one side of it and attach the paws and tail to it so that it looks like the bunny has its paws up in the air and the rest of its body is tucked into the frosting grass.
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    Decorate the cupcakes with eggs. Easter always suggests eggs, so adding them to cupcakes will definitely fit any Easter theme. Here are some ideas:
    • Frost the base with green frosting in a way that looks like grass. Place little eggs on top of the grass.
    • Easter bird's nest cupcakes
    • A simple way is to frost the cupcake and add eggs to it.
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    Decorate the cupcakes with spring themes. Easter falls in spring in the northern hemisphere, making it a good theme for cupcake decorations. Here are some ideas:
    • Frost the cupcake with different colors of marshmallows. Form some into flowers, as shown in the image.
    • Frost each cupcake. Ring each one with pastel or light colored jelly beans to form petals. Add a center jelly bean to balance the cupcake.
    • Frost cupcakes in a range of different spring colors, especially pastels. Sprinkle with sprinkles or edible glitter.
    • Form petals using sugar paste or fondant and arrange on top of each cupcake.
    • Frost each cupcake. Add pastel bonbons, candies or chocolates on the topping.
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    Turn each cupcake into a basket. This is easily done with the addition of a "handle" made from candy. Shoestring licorice or twisted marshmallow lengths make a good choice but you might be able to find other candies that work too. Once the handle is in shape, you can place anything on the topping that you'd find in an Easter basket, like little eggs, miniature chicks or chocolate bunnies, candy grass, etc.
    • If you're good with fondant or sugar paste, you can make strips and weave these in and out to make a basket effect on the side of each cupcake.
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    Make carrot cupcakes. Then decorate them with carrot designs as follows:
    • Mold carrots from fondant or sugar paste; use orange for the carrot and add a small green stem to the top of each carrot. Then add a single carrot to each cupcake (it looks striking against a white frosting) or go crazy and make little bunches of carrots for each topping.
    • Another style of carrot can be to make it appear that the carrot is still growing––the frosting serves as the ground. Mold the carrot shape so that you have a small orange top with green leaves sticking out of it. Insert this molded fondant in the middle of each cupcake, tucked into the frosting. Sprinkle some edible green glitter around the frosting.
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    Make lamb cupcakes. Lambs are another animal associated with Easter celebrations. There are a number of ways to add a lamb to the cupcake topping:
    • Create a flat design of a lamb in sugar paste and stick to the topping.
    • Mold a lamb in sugar paste, marzipan or fondant. Color and attach to the topping.
    • Turn the entire topping into a little lamb using small marshmallows and licorice. Use the licorice for the feet and facial features and the miniature marshmallows as wool. This design can either be flat or you can build it up to be three dimensional.
    • Pipe white frosting onto each cupcake in swirls to look like wool. Shape a black face with ears and pink nose for the sheep in fondant or sugar paste and attach to the frosting.
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    Make zombie cupcakes. For a bit of fun, make red velvet cupcakes and add some zombie chicks or bunnies, leaking blood onto the white frosting.
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  • You can buy Easter egg cupcake wrappers and cases from cake decorating stores or online suppliers.
  • Don't forget to include those who are gluten-intolerant, vegan, etc. in your cupcake baking, so that everyone can enjoy your baking treats for Easter.
  • An easy way to make an Easter cupcake is to frost each cupcake and stick a flag on top of each one, the little flag having a chick, egg or bunny design printed or stamped on it. These flags can be made using a toothpick for the pole and cut triangle paper shapes for the flag. Print on the design and glue the paper flag to the pole.

Things You'll Need

  • Cupcakes
  • Cupcake cases (Easter designs and colors are best)
  • Edible decorations as outlined in each step

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