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Three Methods:Add All-Natural FlavorsConsider Commercial Water AdditivesTurn Water Drinking into a Fun Routine

Staying hydrated with water can keep you healthy and provide a natural, calorie-free beverage for dieters, athletes, and anyone trying to avoid sugary soft drinks and high-calorie drinks. If you are trying to replace high-calorie drinks with water or increase the amount of fluids you consume, you can make drinking water more enjoyable by following the steps below.

Method 1
Add All-Natural Flavors

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    Many natural flavorings can significantly change the taste of water without adding calories. All-natural flavor additives can allow you to customize your water to your individual taste preferences, often without adding any calories or sweeteners.
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    Make unsweetened tea. Tea adds no calories to water but it can provide a wide range of flavor options.
    • Consider experimenting with black, green, white, rooibos, and herbal teas until you find a flavor that makes water more enjoyable.
    • Consider storing a pitcher of cold-brewed homemade tea in the refrigerator for a quick beverage.
    • Add fruits, vegetables, or herbs for flavor. Consider creating a pitcher of water in the refrigerator that contains sliced cucumbers, mint, basil or citrus fruit.
    • Buy naturally flavored, unsweetened water products. New water brands offer zero-calorie waters with all-natural flavors from fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Check the ingredient list and nutrition label to make sure that no sweeteners, calories, artificial flavors, or preservatives have been added.
    • Try a carbonated alternative to plain water. If you crave the carbonation in soda, consider purchasing carbonated water or seltzer water with no added sweeteners. Many all-natural flavor options are available at large grocery stores, and carbonated waters can often help soft drink fans replace soda with water.

Method 2
Consider Commercial Water Additives

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    Buy zero-calorie packets of powdered tea or juice-flavored additives. Multiple brands now offer quick mixes in individual packets that can be added to a bottle of water.
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    Consider a water tap purifier and flavor pack. Some water purifiers that can be attached directly to a home water faucet also offer flavor options. Only add the recommended amount (or less) to avoid overloading on sugar and other additive ingredients.
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    Look into purchasing a hand-held flavor booster. Some pocket-sized flavor additives offer color and flavor to water without adding calories or other unhealthy ingredients.

Method 3
Turn Water Drinking into a Fun Routine

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    Sip water when you indulge in dessert or other rich foods. When you enjoy a sweet or fattening treat, sip water on the side so that you can focus on the flavor of the food instead of the task of drinking water.
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    Always order water at a restaurant before any other drink. Even if you intend to order a soda or alcoholic beverage, sipping on water while you peruse the menu can help you anticipate the other beverage even more.
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    Drink water in unorthodox ways. Make it a habit to always alternate between water and another beverage, have a race with friends or families to drink a glass of water with just a spoon, or take a “shot” of water between servings of other beverages.


  • Add mint and cucumber... It may seem weird but cucumber carbonates the drink while mint gives a taste or add an orange slice if you want.
  • Consider satisfying your daily water needs by getting water from other fluids, such as soups, watermelon, and other drinks if calories are not a cause for concern.
  • Don't force your body to accept more water. Get used to it gradually by drinking a bit more every day.
  • Drink small portions often, rather than drinking a whole bottle three times per day.


  • It is possible to drink too much water and create an imbalance in the body’s electrolytes that can lead to death.

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