How to Make Diaries

Do you want to make a diary that will hold the precious secrets of your everyday life? Even better, do you want to save money and add your personal touch to a diary? Then read this article to learn how to make a very unique, personal, homemade diary!


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    touch to your diary!]]Gather all the supplies that you want to use for decorating your diary. You need paper (you decide which size), and you can decorate with markers, stickers, glitter, magazine pictures, or anything else that you might want to include to add that "personal" touch to it.
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    Choose which material you want to use for the cover. You can use anything from fabric to a sheet of construction paper to cardboard. Be creative with it, and make sure that the pages are the same length as the cover. You don't want to have a big cover along with miniature pages that don't fit, do you?
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    Place the pages in the diary. You can do this in many different ways. Punch three holes in the side and put string through the holes, staple in the pages, glue them in, or sew them in yourself if you know how to. (Sew your pages only if you choose a fabric cover.)
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    Decorate the cover of your diary. Add anything you want, and place them all down. You could even decorate the back. Be sure to secure everything in place by turning your diary upside down and rubbing it. That make sure that everything sets securely. If things fall off, attach them again.
    • Glue dots work very well if you want to place tiny pictures or letters without a big mess. (You can purchase glue dots at craft stores)
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    Make sure that your diary is kept safe. Hide it in your backpack, under your mattress, in a drawer, or anywhere else you can think of. You will thank yourself because your little siblings won't be able to find it. If you really want to be safe and secure, make a fake diary and leave it out in the open, so they won't be able to discover your real secrets.


  • In case your diary ever gets lost, add a tag in the front that shows your full name, phone number, or other contact information.


  • Don't add TOO much to your diary cover. You don't want it to fall off because of its weight.
  • If someone ever get hold of your diary, don't panic and keep calm. Forgive them, and ask for an apology in return.

Things You'll Need

  • Supplies that you would like to decorate your diary with.
  • Glue, tape, or glue dots to secure your things in place
  • A stapler, hole puncher, or thing you would like to secure your pages in with.
  • A fake diary (optional)

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