How to Make Decorative Holiday Gift Tags

Two Methods:Printable Gift TagsMaking Your Own Holiday Gift Tags

Making your holiday gift tags can be fun! They are affordable, personal for the person receiving the gift, and always a hit. They also give a nice, warm feeling for the person receiving the gift, because they know that you took the time and effort to make it.

Printable Gift Tags

Printable Holiday Gift Tags

Making Your Own Holiday Gift Tags

  1. Image titled Thin cardboard Step 1
    Purchase cardstock or use recycled thin cardboard, poster board or paper you already have. Great paper can be bought at the local art store (If you're looking for cardboard, try the hardware store.)
    • Cut up old greeting cards for an easy source of materials. In many cases, they are already decorated in appropriate colors and styles.
  2. Image titled Tracing a template Step 2
    Make the shape of the tag by tracing a template(again, can be bought from art stores or can be), a cookie cutter, or just "eyeballing it" to make a shape such as a star, snowman or a mitten. Be creative, just think of holiday shapes.
  3. Image titled Decorate one side of the tag Step 3
    Decorate one side of the tag with holiday images such as stars, mittens, snowmen, Santa, etc. You can use rubber stamps, stickers, markers, colored pencils, images from gift wrap or cards or draw your own designs.
  4. Image titled Write the person's name Step 4
    On the other side of the tag, write the person's name who is getting the gift. (Ex: Bob, Jack, etc.)
  5. Image titled Person's name in larger letters Step 5
    You can write "To:____" and "From ___" if you'd like, or just write the person's name in larger letters in the middle of the tag. (Ex:To:Ashley From:Santa)
  6. Image titled Hole and tie Step 6
    Punch a hole at one end of the tag and run a ribbon, raffia, yarn or embroidery thread through the hole and tie it at the end. You can add beads on the string before tying the knot.
  7. Image titled Double sided tape Step 7
    You could even use double-sided tape to affix your tag to the gift.


  • You can make the tag as plain or fancy as you like.
  • You can use glitter, paper or paint to enhance the main design on the tag.
  • Be sure to stretch your creativity to make your tag design enhance the design of the gift bag or gift wrap you have chosen.


  • Supervise children as to not make a total mess.
  • Use glue sticks as opposed to bottled glue.
  • Cover clothing and furniture especially when using glue and glitter.
  • Wear comfortable, older clothing as making the tags can be messy depending on what supplies you use.

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