How to Make Customers Service Your Priority

Now we'll talk about customer service. You'll be learning the steps on having happy customers make a rich bank account.


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    Exude excellent charisma. Having great experience with talking and convincing is a great way to get your happy customers to buy your product.After the customers great experience with your business, they will come back again, again and again.
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    Sell online. If you have a website, or even an account on any auction site, such as eBay,you an make the most money with your talent, time or skills, then keeping your customers happy and ensuring their satisfaction will be the key to your success.
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    Be prompt and business savvy. Especially if you have an eBay account, your customers' satisfaction level will determine how well you do in your business. If you ship late, sell low quality products or over-promise and under deliver, your customer will give you lousy feedback and any future possible buyers will think twice before buying from you.
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    Meet customer expectations. Customers expect the best service from your business. For example, if you have a retail company online, shipping on time is the number 1 priority to happy customers. If you ship on time and also sent them a great product, that is simply a guaranteed you will get more business. Therefore always keep the customers needs in mind.
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    Treat unsatisfied customers with careful attention. Also keep in mind your company will always come across many unsatisfied customers. If a customer is completely unsatisfied with your product or service, it's much easier to just issue a refund than to have to fight with them over what they thought you didn't do or deliver that they assume that would receive. Again, you will find that there are some people you just can't please no matter how hard you try or what you do, so just get rid of those types of customers as fast as you can and get on with your business rather than let them sit there and argue. So don't let a few dollars ruin your business, just chalk it up and move on.
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    Encourage referrals. Because your satisfied customers are usually much quieter than the unsatisfied ones, sometimes you have to give them an incentive to give you some praise. This is where your creativity comes in because you have to think of ways to have them great feedback or give you a testimonial you can use on your site for more business. The happy customers will refer to many people to your great service or product. This is a good way to get more customers toward your business.
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    Give discounts and/or free shipping. You can offer a discount on their next purchase if they share their testimonial that you can display on your site. Having this will always get your customers to come back to enjoy another great purchase. Free shipping on orders over a curtain amount of money will please many customers. It is an excellent way because it gets the customers to save up on money.
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    Make customers a priority. Whichever avenue you decide to take, just remember that if you make customer service a priority, then you will not only sleep well at night but you'll also have satisfied customers that pass your link on to their friends and family.
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    Pay attention to detail. Even something as minor-sounding as getting an order wrong, or misspelling a customer's name on a receipt or invoice can give the impression that you don't respect the person enough as a customer to get that right (not to mention make the customer wonder what else you'll mess up.) Paying attention to detail, even when details may seem mundane to you, can literally mean the difference between having a loyal customer who tells 10 people how wonderful you are, or having an ex-customer who tells 100 people how awful your customer service is.


  • Skills in communicating, convincing will help make you get the customers to purchase.
  • Creativity toward your company, will satisfy not only the customers, but also the product.
  • Newsletters sign up, for your customers to catch up on many updates, upcoming products.

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