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Crepes are pancakes' French, feather-light cousin. They are delicious plain or spread with a filling like butter, sugar, jam, chocolate or even something savory. This article describes how to make crepe batter, cook crepes, and serve them with different types of filling.


  • Crêpes
    • 1 cup of whole milk (2% or 1% will work in a pinch)
    • 4 eggs
    • 1 cup of flour
    • 1-1/2 teaspoons of sugar
    • 1/8 teaspoon of salt
    • 2 tablespoons of butter, melted

  • Sugar-free crêpes
    • 1 cup of flour
    • 2 eggs
    • 1 cup of milk
    • 1/4 cup of water
    • 4 tablespoons of butter
    • Any fruit such as strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries
    • Maple syrup
    • A pinch of salt (optional)

Method 1

Making the batter

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    Whisk the eggs and salt. Begin by breaking them into a bowl. Use a whisk to break the yolks and lightly beat the eggs so the whites and yolks are just combined. Add the salt and continue whisking until it is incorporated.
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    Alternate the milk and flour. Measure out half a cup of flour and add it to the egg mixture. Whisk it into the eggs until you see just a few small lumps. Now add half a cup of milk to the mixture and whisk until combined. Keep alternating flour and milk until you run out of both.
    • Whisking milk and flour in small parts helps to incorporate the ingredients; otherwise, you would end with lumpy batter.
    • When you are finished adding all the milk and flour, the batter should look smooth.
    • If you would prefer to use low fat milk, you can use that as a substitute.
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    Add the sugar and butter. Finish the batter by whisking in the sugar first, then adding the butter. Continue whisking until the batter is smooth, lump-free, and light yellow. The final consistency should be thin, like whole milk; if it seems more like pancake batter, add another 1/2 cup of milk.

Cooking the crêpes

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    Heat the pan. Use a nonstick skillet, a crepe pan, or a regular skillet. Choose a pan that is 8 inches (20.3 cm) in diameter. Place the pan on the stove and turn the burner to medium heat, and let the pan get hot. Spray on nonstick cooking spray or else the crepes will stick to the pan.
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    Pour the batter. Ladle about 1/4 cup of batter into the center of the pan. Using too much batter will result in thick crepes, and you want them to be thin. Use a 1/4 cup measuring cup or a teacup to get the right amount.
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    Swirl the batter. Lift the pan and move your hand in a circular motion to swirl the batter from the center of the pan out around to the sides, so it full coats the bottom of the pan in one thin layer. If you need to add a bit more batter to coat the pan, do so.[1]
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    Allow the crepe to set. Set the pan back on the burner and let the crepe cook until the top is just a bit moist. Use a spatula to lift the side of the crepe gently; it should lift easily and have a fine lace pattern developing on the other side. That means it is time to flip the crepe.
    • If the crepe still looks wet in the middle, give it a bit more time.
    • Don't overcook the crepe, or the texture will become rubbery. Crepes cook quickly, so it will probably be ready to flip within about 45 seconds.
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    Flip the crepe. Slip the spatula under the crepe so it is supporting the center of the crepe and most of its weight. Carefully turn the crepe over to the other side. Straighten out folds and wrinkles in the crepe to ensure it will cook evenly. It only needs to cook on the other side for about 20 - 30 seconds.
    • Practice makes perfect when it comes to flipping crepes. If you break one, pop it in your mouth and move on to the next.
    • Skilled chefs can flip crepes without using a spatula. Try it if you would like!
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    Remove the crepe from the pan. Carefully slide the crepe from the pan onto a plate, using the spatula to help guide it. Continue making more crepes until you run out of batter.

Serving the crêpes

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    Serve the crepes with classic butter and sugar filling. This is the most popular crepe filling in France. The simple flavors of butter and sugar let the light flavor of the dough shine through. Heat a pat of butter in the skillet. When it begins to sizzle, add a crepe to the pan. Let it cook in the butter for about 45 seconds, and then flip it to the other side. Sprinkle a teaspoon of sugar over the crepe. Fold it in half, then in half again. Place the crepe on a plate and serve.
    • A squirt of lemon juice is also delicious in this simple crepe filling.
    • Experiment with different types of sugar. Brown sugar and powdered sugar are great substitutes for granulated sugar.
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    Serve the crepes with a chocolaty filling. Crepes make excellent desserts for rich chocolaty fillings, too. The process for serving a crepe this way is simple: melt butter in a pan, add a crepe and cook it on one side for 45 seconds, then flip it over. Sprinkle chocolate chips or dark chocolate pieces over the crepe. Fold it in half, then in half again. Set it on a plate and serve.
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    Serve the crepes with a fruity filling. Strawberries, peaches, apples, and plums make delicious crepe fillings, especially when sprinkled with a little powdered sugar. Use either preserves or fresh fruit to stuff the crepes.
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    Serve the crepes with a savory filling. Crepes make a good lunchtime substitute for sandwiches. Melt cheese over a crepe, and then top it with diced ham, asparagus, spinach, or other vegetables. Fold the crepe in half, then fold it in half again, and serve.

Method 2
Sugar-Free Crêpes

Note: Doubling this recipe makes about 20.

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    Sift the flour and salt into a mixing bowl. Then make a well in the center of the flour.
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    Break the eggs into the well. Whisk the eggs and flour together. Next, mix the water and milk in a deprecate bowl.
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    Add the liquid to the flour, a little at a time, whisking to make smooth batter. Melt 2 tablespoons of the butter and stir into the batter. Strain if lumpy.
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    Melt more butter in a small frying pan. Get the pan really hot, then turn the heat to medium.
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    Add the batter. You'll need about 3 tablespoons for each crêpe. Tilt the pan so that the batter covers the base.
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    Cook the crêpe for about a minute. Use a spatula to loosen it, then flip it over. Cook the other side for about 30 seconds.
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    Serve immediately. Fill the crêpes with fruit and plenty of maple syrup.

Method 3
Experimenting with Filling Flavors

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    Make bananas flambé crepes. This popular dessert is even more delicious when used as a filling for a light, sweet crepe. To make it, all you need is a banana, brown sugar, butter, and brandy. Melt a pat of butter in a saucepan, and then add a sliced banana. Sprinkle it with a few spoonfuls of brown sugar and let it caramelize. When the bananas are brown and crispy, spoon them onto a crepe, pour warmed brandy over it, and use a match to light it on fire to complete the caramelization.
    • This dish is delicious served with chilled whipped cream to offset the heat of the filling.
    • Add cinnamon and nutmeg to give the dish a warm, spicy flavor.
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    Use hazelnut spread sprinkled with nuts or fruit. Chocolaty hazelnut spread is one of the most popular crepe fillings in France and other countries. The spread complements the light flavor of the crepes.
    • Sprinkle the hazelnut spread with chopped toasted nuts if you would like to add some crunch.
    • For a more decadent version of this filling, spread the crepe with melted butter before adding the hazelnut spread.
    • Substitute hazelnut spread for peanut butter if you prefer.
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    Make savory salad crepes. Filling crepes with a savory salad is another popular way to enjoy this confection. Serve salad crepes at a luncheon or as a light dinner. Try these different variations:
    • Chicken salad crepes. Mix cooked diced chicken, mayonnaise, chopped grapes, and salt and pepper. Place a piece of butter lettuce on the crepe, then spoon the chicken salad mixture over the lettuce. Roll up the crepe and serve.
    • Ham salad crepes. Combine diced ham, cheddar cheese, onion, and vinaigrette. Spoon the mixture onto crepes and roll them up to serve.
    • Lentil salad crepes. Mix cooked lentils, chopped celery, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. Spoon the mixture onto crepes, garnish them with parsley, roll them up and serve.
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    Make crepes with seasonal vegetables. Crepes are a great dish for vegetables of all types. Cook vegetables that are in season with your favorite herbs and spices and serve them with a complementary cheese.
    • For spring, stuff the crepes with cooked artichokes or asparagus and sprinkle with goat cheese.
    • In summer, try tomato and zucchini crepes with fresh mozzarella and basil.
    • For the fall, fill crepes with cooked pumpkin or acorn squash and serve with melted gruyere cheese.
    • In the winter, fill crepes with sautéed kale or Brussels sprouts, dried cranberries, and grated cheddar cheese.


  • For sweet crepes, try the following stuffing.
    • Grated chocolate
    • Honey
    • Nutella
    • Peanut butter
    • Sweetened cream cheese
  • Make sure to spread it around the pan so it's not all in chunks.
  • You do not need a special crepe pan to make crepes. You can buy fancy skillets or electric pans, but if you have a small non-stick skillet, you will get crepes.
  • Speed up making crepes by using two pans: Pour the batter into an 8" pan, then flip into a larger pan, and start the next crepe in the 8" pan while the first is finishing.
  • Another topping you can use is chopped banana and Nutella or chocolate drizzle.
  • Add a little vanilla extract and cinnamon sugar in the batter. This adds to the sweetness of this French meal.
  • If you are making enough crepes to serve many people, stick the crepes on a plate in a barely warm (200°F) oven, where they will stay warm until you are ready to assemble them.
  • Adding homemade whipped cream topped with a fruit, and rolled into a cone is a perfect way to serve crepes.
  • Another great filling is Nutella, strawberry jam (or real strawberries) or powdered sugar.
  • To make it really nice add chocolate and ice-cream.

Things You'll Need

  • A whisk, wooden spoon, fork, electric mixer, or eggbeater
  • A bowl to mix the crepe batter
  • Plastic spatula
  • 8 inch (20.3 cm) non-stick skillet

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