How to Make Creepy Peanut Butter Mouths

Peanut butter mouths are fairly healthy, packed with a lot of protein. This is also the perfect family oriented snack, specifically for kids because they will be able to be a part of the process of making this "spooktacular" treat. These are also great for college students to bring as a party favor to Halloween-themed parties, and to any other event that you would like to disturb your guests with. The ingredients needed to make these are cheap and easily obtainable; three ingredients, that's it! This is a great snack for anyone who likes to have fun and likes to create disturbing, yet delicious things for everyone to enjoy!

  • Additional Ingredients:These do not need to end with the final step; for horror lovers and people who are not afraid to get creative, there are additional ingredients recommended to enhance your creepy snack. You are not limited to the options listed below. It is time to turn on your imaginations and to get started on your horrifying, yet still edible, creations.


  • Apple (red and/or green)
  • Peanut butter
  • Sliced almonds
  • Strawberry sauce
  • Chocolate sandwich cookies
  • Chocolate mint ice cream (green)


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    Cut the apple in half while making sure to cut a little off center to avoid any seeds. You want to make sure it has a flat surface and that it is entirely edible. Never eat apple seeds!
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    Keep up with the Halloween horror theme. With the flat surface down, you want to cut two diagonal lines near the center of the slice you just cut and create a point.
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    Slide out the piece you just cut. This creates the "exoskeleton" of the mouth and creates the upper and lower lips. Get your spoonful of peanut butter ready.
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    Take a spoonful of peanut butter and smother it entirely inside the empty void of the "mouth." Make sure it is completely filled in and use your spoon to smooth out the edges.
    • This may be a good time to use a paper towel and wipe away any excess peanut butter left on the "lips." The peanut butter acts as the gums of the mouth and offers a sticky surface which is helpful for the final step.
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    Take your thinly sliced almonds and stick them into the peanut butter. Since these are acting as the mouth's teeth, the more crooked and disturbing they look, the better. It does not need to be perfect, it just needs to look spooky! This is also the fun aspect for kids to be a part of. They can design their own mouths to look any way they would like!
    • The final outcome should look a lot like this. Although it is not necessary, try continuing with some of the additional steps to make them even more festive and spooky. However, it is perfectly fine to stop here and enjoy your snack.
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    Take a bottle of strawberry sauce and place a finger over half of the opening so that you get a dripping effect. You can use a green apple this time, but it does not matter which color you use. Hold the bottle over your newly created mouth and let the sauce drip all over it. This creates a bloody and gory look that is sure to give children nightmares.
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    Take a scoop of green chocolate mint ice cream and place it on a plate. Let it sit for about ten minutes until it starts to melt. You can then place your apple on the plate and use your spoon to pour some of the melted ice cream on top of your apple mouth. This mouth came right off of a slimy monster.
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    Take two chocolate sandwich cookies and mush them up into a powder, or into the same consistency as dirt. Take pinch-fulls of the cookie powder and sprinkle it all over the apple mouth and the plate. This mouth ate itself out of its own grave.
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    Take a gummy worm and cut it into fourths. Insert as many pieces as you wish into the peanut butter, in between the two rows of sliced almonds (teeth). This mouth fell right off of a monster that eats insects.
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    Enjoy your tasty Peanut Butter Mouths!


  • If you are creating multiple mouths and want to switch things up a bit, there are additional things you could add to offer a variety to your hungry guests.
  • Try following some of the additional steps to make these gruesome creations truly stand out at a Halloween party. Do not be afraid to get creative, that is part of the fun of making these; you can do whatever you want with them. Make them as gross as you can! It is a horror-themed Halloween snack, after all.


  • If you are under the age of eighteen, make sure you have your parents' permission and/or supervision during the use of sharp objects.

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