How to Make Compost from Rabbit Manure

If you have a rabbit, you already have enough fertilizer to sustain a garden. Rabbit poo can be used without composting on non-food plants, but if you want to eat the plant, you must compost the excrement.


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    Get a good container. Garden stores often sell pre-made compost bins, which are nice because there is no pre-assembly needed. However, you can make a free one with pallets, or use other materials. It is best to have a light bin so that you can lift it up and scoop out the dirt when it is finished composting. If it is too heavy, you will have to scoop the dirt out of it, which is difficult labor. The container must be at least 3'x3'x3'.
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    Collect your rabbit's poop. Simply use a tray under his or her hutch or cage, then bring the tray out to the compost bin.
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    Every time you add more bunny poo (wet matter) add twice the amount of dry matter (dry leaves).
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    Every two weeks, mix the compost pile up. This helps get air to the bacteria that make the decomposing happen.
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    When your bunny poo compost is a dark, earthy-smelling, crumbly dirt, it is ready. Spread it over your garden or mix it in with the original soil.


  • If you live in a dry climate, add a little water to the compost every week.
  • If your compost isn't composting, add less dry matter.
  • If your compost smells evil, add more dry matter.

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