How to Make Combat Boots Fit Properly

Are you looking for durable footwear that can last you for many years? Then combat boots are an option; designed with tough leather to last long and retain quality performance. However, enough care need to be taken to fit them properly to your feet before you can survive with them for many years. At first they may pose a problem when wearing but with repeated wearing they will soften up and fit properly.


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    Purchase the right size. That eliminates the inconvenience of walking in pain while wearing these boots, more especially military wearers who have to walk very long distances.
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    Wear the boots more often to get them used to your feet and your feet as well get used to the shape of the boots. Make it a point to wear them at home for several walks around getting used to them and by so doing making them fit properly. You should wear them and walk on different surfaces or even play sport with them to check the comfort of wearing them. Do so immediately after you buy them from the manufacturer or retailer.
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    Oil them. These boots are made of tough leather and tend to be stiff. You therefore need to apply a suitable oil to them and subsequently soak them in water for the leather to soften up before you can fit your feet. Thereafter you can fit your feet and walk in them for the shape to complement that one of combat boots.
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    Take with you socks that you will be wearing frequently when purchasing combat boots. When you go, for the first time to the store, try the boots on with the socks you'll usually be wearing. That minimizes the inconvenience of buying too small or too large boots.
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    If they don’t fit properly immediately after you purchase them, you can remove the laces and fit your feet. Or you can also cut out the tongue to fit properly your feet. However, you should carefully consider this because cutting out the tongue where it will be visible to everyone may be against military regulations. You might not be authorized to make any alterations to the design of your combat boots. After you fit your feet you can then re-lace them only if comfortable to do so.
    • If you want to take a long journey walking with these military boots you need to wear them first for small trips putting them to test.
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  • It is not easy for combat boots to fit properly on your feet the first time you buy them. That is made possible by the type of material used to manufacture them. Nevertheless, that carries the benefits of durability and quality that is worth your investment in footwear. They will definitely last you for many years depending how you treat them and subject to the right size chosen. If you chose the right size then you will always enjoy the comfort of any trip small or long distance.

Things You'll Need

  • Combat boots
  • Pair of scissors (to cut the tongue, should the need arise)
  • Socks

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