How to Make Clay Dice

Making your own clay dice to play games with is easy and fun for all ages. All you will need is some clay, the ability to bake the dice, and a tool for making the number holes (dots). Follow these easy instructions to make a quick and fun creation.


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    Start with a soft bit of clay. The piece of clay must be equivalent to the size that you want your dice to be.
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    Roll the piece of clay into a long, snake shape.
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    Cut the snake shape into equal parts. Discard any pieces that are not equal in size.
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    Roll each piece of clay into a ball. Make one ball for each die. The ball does not need to be perfect.
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    Using your fingers, shape each ball into a cube. Squeeze the top and bottom, then left and right sides, then front and back sides. Repeat this squeezing process until the piece of clay resembles a perfect cube.
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    Use a pen, or other slender-tipped object, (even a stick will work) to write dots or the numbers 1-6 on each die, as follows:
    • "1" and "6" are placed opposite one other.
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    • "2" and "5" are placed opposite one other.
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    • "3" and "4" are placed opposite one other.
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    • Simply remember the number placement like this: the numbers opposite each other equal 7. (1+6=7; 2+5=7, etc.)
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    Place the completed die or dice on a baking sheet. Bake in a low-temperature oven; 250ºF or 121ºC is a good, low temperature. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes, or until properly baked.
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    Allow to cool. The die will still seem a little soft while hot; just leave them to harden on a cooling rack and only touch when they've cooled off completely. Once cooled, they're ready to use.


  • You could try other symbols, such as shapes, stars, animals, etc., instead of dots or numbers.
  • Draw large numerals on the cube of clay and it becomes a toy block. Make sure that it is large enough for this purpose.
  • Make really tiny dice for a doll house, for toys or for miniatures to display.
  • To make your dice look colorful, you may want to paint it with bright colors. These dice are perfect for party games!
  • Make enough dice to play your favorite game.
  • If you pierce a hole through the dice before baking, it becomes a decorative bead.
  • Make one out of brick or metal if you don't want it to be out of shape.
  • If you want, fill in the holes with a dot of paint (one side at a time) and let dry.


  • These are prone to chipping if knocked too hard. Play with them carefully.
  • Don't allow small children under 3 to play with the dice.
  • Take all precautions when working with heat.

Things You'll Need

  • Clay - there are many brands of inexpensive polymer clays suitable for baking available. Or you can use traditional clay. White clay is the normal shade to use but other colours will make your die more festive.
  • Oven, pottery kiln, other heat source able to bake clay
  • Oven mitts for safe handling and transferring of heated dice
  • Tray or sheet for baking on
  • Cooling rack
  • Pen, stick or similar implement to make dice holes

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