How to Make Christmas Centerpieces

Christmas centerpieces are a great way to brighten up any table in your home, and make every room look festive and alive with the spirit of Christmas. Learning how to make Christmas centerpieces and making your own can save you money and let you express your own unique and creative talents using the holidays as your inspiration. Christmas centerpieces can be a great finishing touch to a party theme, and they make great gifts for everyone on your list. To make Christmas centerpieces for gifts, party decorations or just to add some Christmas spirit to your home, there are a few simple tips that can help you out.


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    Incorporate all five senses into the creation of your centerpieces.
    • Christmas centerpieces are beautiful to look at, but add special touches that will incorporate the other senses as well.
    • Add whole cinnamon sticks and cloves tied with festive ribbons to centerpieces to make them smell homemade and welcoming.
    • Use evergreen branches or pine cones from your own backyard to add rustic flair when you make Christmas centerpieces and make them smell like the Christmas tree.
    • Work your centerpiece around a small candy dish or cookie plate and arrange some holiday treats in the centerpiece for family and guests to enjoy.
    • Musical touches like bells are a great addition to centerpieces that are family-friendly or that can move.
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    Use traditional colors.
    • Be sure to incorporate the traditional Christmas theme colors of red, green, silver and gold into your centerpiece. Using these Christmas colors will help your centerpiece come alive with the spirit of the season.
    • Choose one or two main colors, and then add accent colors for special smaller touches. This will help keep the centerpiece from looking too busy or cluttered.
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    Be mindful of your guests.
    • When you make Christmas centerpieces, it’s important to remember who will be seeing them or receiving them as gifts. Stick to unscented candles and faux foliage for people that have seasonal allergies to avoid causing an allergic reaction, and use only large decorations in centerpieces for families with small children or pets where choking hazards are a risk.
    • Place Christmas centerpieces with candles or breakable elements out of reach of small children when you have guests over for Christmas dinner.
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    Utilize items and decorations that you already have.
    • Get inspiration from your Christmas tree decorations when you make Christmas centerpieces by including lights, ornaments and garland that you don’t use on the tree anymore to create a Christmas centerpiece instead. This will save you time and money.
    • Add photos of friends and family members celebrating past Christmas holidays for a personalized Christmas centerpiece and a great gift.
    • Save money by creating candle holders or centerpiece bases out of soup cans or other household objects painted or wrapped in festive ribbons.
    • Keep it simple by using basic craft items you already have on hand as a base for your centerpiece. A cardboard round cut-out makes a great base, coffee or soup cans wrapped in ribbon make good accents, and foam cones or inserts from the craft store can be used to inexpensively create any other elements of the centerpiece you need.
    • Christmas centerpieces can also be about gifts and a beautifully wrapped Christmas gift box would be a good base to your centerpiece. You could have the lid of the box leaning on the side and fill the box will Christmas baubles, or pine cones and Christmas candy.
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    Make your centerpieces personal and unique.
    • Add personalized, special touches to each Christmas centerpiece that you’re giving as a gift. Paint a golf ball green and red and use in the Christmas centerpiece for your golf-crazy brother-in-law, or find an ornament shaped like high heels to use in the centerpiece for your shoe-loving best friend or co-worker. Personalized accents will make each centerpiece unique and each recipient feel loved.
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