How to Make Chinese Noodles (Large Quantities)

This article will help you to understand how Yi min noodles are manufactured, in case your are intending to make them as a business. Yi min is a variety of flat Chinese egg noodles made from wheat flour. They are known for their golden yellow color and chewy characteristics. The noodles are used most frequently in the Cantonese cuisine and Hong Kong, and are also popular in overseas Chinatowns. The noodles are most often available in dried form, in plastic packages. They come in the form of flat patty-like dried bricks in a circle shape. Good Yi min maintain their elasticity, allowing the noodles to stretch and remain chewy. Wonton noodle is a Cantonese noodle dish which is popular in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. The dish is usually served in hot soup, garnished with leafy vegetables, Chinese kale (kalian) and wonton. Sometimes Chinese dumplings (shui jiao) are served in place of wontons. It contains prawns or pork, spring onions and sometimes mushroom and black fungus (mu er).


  • 25 kg flour per batch of noodles
  • Water
  • Eggs
  • Oil for frying


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    Mix 4 packets of flour (each 25 kg) with water and eggs in the mixer. Let it mix well by taking the dough from the bottom and pour it back from the top.
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    Pour the dough into the container. The machine will flatten the dough into belts of dough.
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    Wait for the belts of dough to be cut into strips. (For wonton noodles, the process will stop at Step 3).
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    Proceed to frying the noodles, followed by packing them.

Things You'll Need

  • Industrial sized noodle machine
  • Industrial frying facilities
  • Packaging facilities

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