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Store this sweet flier either on a Christmas tree or land it on a crush's school desk. They make good favors, party activities for children, gift tags and ornaments. Here is how to make a candy airplane.


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    Hold the Smarties package at a vertical position. The Smarties will be the body of the plane. Alternatively, you can use any roll of candy, such as a Tootsie Roll.
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    Place the gum perpendicular to the Smarties candy at a horizontal position, making a "T" formation. The gum will become the wings.
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    Thread the rubber band through both of the Life Savers. Using a crochet hook can help.
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    Rest the roll of Smarties or Tootsie Roll between them, on the rubber band. The Life Savers should be about two-thirds of the way along the roll, or at the end of the roll.
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    Pull the rubber band ends over the ends of the stick of gum to hold it in place.


  • For Valentine's Day, you can add sentimental little messages on the wings like:

    • Valentine, It's PLANE to see I Love You!
    • Have a HIGH FLYING Valentine's Day!
    • Valentine, You make my heart SOAR!
  • You can decorate the stick of gum with markers or stickers, or even make your own custom wrappers.
  • If the stick of gum is too flimsy, you can try using multiple sticks or a 5-pack instead.
  • Having two sets of hands can help with pulling the rubber band over the stick of gum.
  • Don't glue the candy together to make it stay. It'll be harder to take it apart and eat it later.

Things You'll Need

per airplane:

  • 1 Rubber band
  • 1 stick of flat gum (such as Wrigley's)
  • 2 Life Savers candies
  • 1 package of Smarties candies

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