How to Make Bottlecap Accessories

Bottlecap accessories are popular today. From rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets to keychains, zipper pulls, magnets, and just plain old decorations, they're cool. You can create cute, beautiful, scary, weird, and funny bottle-cap creations easily!


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    Collect bottle caps (from cola to beer or caps just made for this kinda thing). Don't worry about what kind they are or get to thinking this is going to take a long time because if you just look, they are everywhere!
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    Decorate the cap with anything! Background paper 'plates' are easy to find. Maps, cards, drawings, and photos are easy to use.
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    If you're not going to use plates, find stuff that would look neat on the cap.
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    After doing all above, you can decorate or make ... jewelry, magnets, keychains, barrettes, push-pins, zipper pulls, and more with a simple drop of hot glue (or 'glaze' if you buy the capsters kit)! Here are some things you can decorate: binders, frames, brushes, buttons, bottles ,rocks,your life, (really any kind of container), lamps, lunchboxes, wallets, money clips, clip boards, water bottles, rulers, etc.


  • Have fun!
  • Make them yours try different pics and charms, paint your bottle caps or use plastic soda caps.
  • The kit Capsters has everything and more, when it comes to making these things.They're from Klutz and run for about $16 a set.
  • Have ideas and be creative and bright!
  • Make sure you have the time.
  • Use glitter, gems, sequins, googly eyes, and charms to give them extra "pizzazz"


  • Be cautious about sharp edges!

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