How to Make Blossom Ice Cubes

Dress up your drinks with beautiful ice cubes featuring blossoms from the garden. Red rose petals will enhance any drink, and can also be sprinkled on the table for a romantic effect. Perfect for summer afternoon parties or cocktail events.


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    Gather and gently rinse all of your pesticide-free blossoms. Other blossoms of your choice can be used instead of the roses, as listed below.
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    Boil water for 2 minutes for all the air trapped in the water to escape. Then leave to cool till room temperature. This will ensure that the ice cubes are crystal clear.
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    Place each blossom at the base of each individual compartment within an ice tray (or more trays if you have a large party).
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    Fill each compartment half full with the cooled boiled water and freeze.
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    After the water is frozen solid, fill each ice cube compartment the rest of the way to the top with the remaining boiled water.
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    Refreeze and allow it to remain in the freezer until you are ready to use them.


  • If you are using ice cubes in wine, make them with the wine you will be drinking. This will prevent dilution of the wine as the ice cube melts. Freeze with a strawberry, a raspberry or a mandarin slice for a delightful, uplifting taste.
  • Always have some ice cubes without blossoms in them for guests who might be squeamish for one reason or another.
  • Blossoms, flowers and leaves that are suitable include: nasturtiums, violets, rose petals, pansies, lavender, basil, chive/leek/onion/garlic blossoms, borage flowers, most flowers from edible herbs (e.g. basil, oregano, thyme).
  • You can also freeze a whole punch bowl shape with a variety of blossoms. Don't use the glass punchbowl or it will expand and burst in the freezer. Instead, pull out a ring-shaped cake tin and fill it with flowers and water. Follow the same procedure as above (filling halfway, then freezing), but you can add additional blossoms to the second layer so that the blossoms are throughout the large ice cube.
  • Getting ice trays in certain shapes will also help.
  • If fresh flowers are unavailable, a silk flower ring (one used for pillar candles) also makes a beautiful addition to a wedding or shower punch. Just make sure that you carefully wash the flower ring and place it in a ring-shaped cake pan as above. It can be used over and over.


  • . Also, a lot of plants are poisonous. Learn what plants are safe and unsafe to use. Check in library books, online, with specialists at nurseries or botany departments at universities. Do not use it if in any doubt at all. An example of a common but extremely poisonous plant would be the Oleander, common in many urban areas. If you believe you have ingested a poisonous plant call a poison control center immediately.

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