How to Make Beer Can Artwork

If you are feeling a little crafty after having a couple of “cold ones” don't toss those cans of beer just yet. Instead of cashing them in for a few bucks, recycling or simply throwing them away, use your empty beer cans to create fun and even inspiring works of art. Before transforming your brew into art, be sure you thoroughly rinse cans using hot soapy water and allow enough time to air dry before working with it.


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    Create beer can creature wall art. Whether you need to fill wall space in the den or want to simply display your affinity for beer, create creatures using an empty beer can.
    • Plot what creature you plan to make. During the planning phase you will also need to consider how many beer cans and extra accessories (i.e. crafting features, google eyes etc.) it might take to create your design.
    • Consider how you will morph the beer can to accommodate each area of the creature. What kind of tools will you need to create your creature? Perhaps you’ll need strong scissors, a brick to pound out the can and possibly a pair of work gloves to protect your hands from sharp edges.
    • Assemble and bond your creature together using either liquid nails or a staple gun. Lay out your pieces first before gluing them together. You may see other ways to design your creature as you lay it out versus what you’ve sketched on paper.
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    Give your betrothed a bouquet of beer can flowers. Why be ordinary and give your honey a bouquet of fresh flowers when you can create one, two or even an entire array of flowers from beer cans? They won’t wilt or die like fresh, plus they can symbolize a drink you both enjoy.
    • Cut off the top of the can. You won’t need the top so remove it first. Make a clean cut using either a pair of sharp scissors or a well sharpened knife. Be very careful not to cut your fingers.
    • Create the flower petals by cutting elongated oval shapes down the sides of the can. You may need multiple cans to create the petals.
    • Cut off the bottom of the can to be used as the middle of the flower. Pound out the can’s middle so it is smooth and round, removing any ridges or edges.
    • Create leaves by cutting out small elongated ovals from the sides of other beer cans. Use a stick or even a green ballpoint pen to etch veins into the leaves.
    • Find a stick in the yard or use a smooth crafting stick from the hobby store to act at the flower’s stem. Place a dab of glue on the back of your flower middle (the bottom of the can) and hold one end of the stick to the glue until it is fully bonded.
    • Add flower petals around the edges of your flower. Consider alternating sizes and label designs. You could have one side facing up donning the beer can label and the next could be the silver backside.
    • Glue leaves down the sides of the stick. Affix the leaves to the backside of the stick area and hold until bonded.
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    Design beer can model transportation. Create model airplanes, trains and automobiles using beer can art. Because cans are so pliable you can mold and shape the beer cans to accommodate a variety of designs such as wheels, engines and airplane wings.
    • Create a blueprint for what you want to design. Approach your model car or plane the same way you would if you were to build it from any other material. Break down each section/piece and list what you will need (i.e. four wheels, the car body, the front dash etc.). Sketch out a rough design on paper for a better idea of what your design will become.
    • Gather supplies, which may include additional pieces such as a model propeller or wire that you could use to hang an airplane or helicopter.
    • Break down your beer cans and prepare for assembly. For example, you can make wheels from the bottoms of the can, the body from an entire can and/or wings or fins from cutting out the sides of a can. This is where you’ll need to truly use your imagination to build your vehicle.
    • Assemble the vehicle. In some cases you can slide cans together and press them together, however in most situations you’ll need some heavy duty Super Glue or liquid nails for adhesion.
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    Go for the gusto and create a full size beer can sculpture. The sky is the limit when it comes to crafting with beer cans. Is there something missing in the front yard that perhaps a life size beer can sculpture could fix? Depending on the amount of beer you drink, you could design something that was take the neighbor’s breath away.
    • Consider the statement you want to make and where you’d like to maintain the sculpture. Would a sculpture of an eagle or a large cactus compliment your way of living or something more modern and Remember, cans will eventually rust so you’ll probably want to either maintain your sculpture indoors or underneath a covered patio.
    • Sketch out what you’d like to build. Perhaps it's a replica of the Eiffel Tower or a woodland creature; use a sketchpad to map out how your figure will look.
    • Gather supplies. If you are planning to create something big, you may need to tap into local college kids’ beer can supply as you will need hundreds upon hundreds of cans. Otherwise create your sculpture with the supply you currently maintain and then add any other pieces that will be vital to your sculpture.
    • Map out your location. Make sure your sculpture’s home is free and clear (as well as available to receive your sculpture). Consider cleaning off table tops or the floor to ensure you don't have dirt or grime forever trapped underneath your sculpture.
    • Create your masterpiece. Put creativity to the test by building the image you have in your mind and on paper. Make it permanent by using glue to adhere pieces together and build it from the ground up.


  • Before erecting a beer can sculpture in your yard check with not only your neighbors but also the home owner’s association for approval.
  • If sculpting is your thing but you don’t have enough cans for a life-size figure, consider making something on a smaller scale such as a tabletop sculpture.
  • Don't forget use every portion of the beer can including pop tops and bottoms.


  • Never use sharp instruments or a hot glue gun after you’ve had a bit too much to drink. Drinking and crafting don’t mix.

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