How to Make Bedspring Candle Holders

Two Methods:Preparing the Your Bed-springAdding the Candle

Add a little more festive whimsy to your holiday by creating candle holders from an old bed-spring. Stack holiday greeting cards between the springs and/or decorate with evergreen or holly branches. These make great decorations, not only during the holidays but also for everyday use.

Method 1
Preparing the Your Bed-spring

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    Clean and/or dust the bed-spring. Remove any dirt or debris from the bed-spring. Even though you want an antique look, you don’t want a dirty bed-spring.
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    Turn the bed-spring upside down so that the wide end of the spring is on the surface and the smaller end is facing upward. This will prepare it to receive the candle.

Method 2
Adding the Candle

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    Drop the candle into the top portion of the bed-spring. Wiggle the candle carefully into place. It needs to be a snug fit but also one that allows you to remove the candle with ease.
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    Add any adornments or embellishments to the bed-spring. You'll need to consider what the adornment/embellishment is to make sure it can be attached easily. For example, if you want to add a sprig of holly you could attach the greenery with a hot glue gun (especially if you plan to use faux holly). However, if you're going to wind a ribbon around the base or to the bed-spring rungs. If you're giving this as a gift, consider homemade, personalized stationery that you can slip in between the spring's rungs.
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    Use the rungs to hold silverware or chopsticks. You can also use these candle holders to hold silverware if you position the candles on the dinner table.
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    Illuminate the night even further by adding a small votive candle underneath the large, bed-spring candle. You could even use a battery operated votive candle for added safety (and no one will know the difference).


  • For a jazzier appearance, spray paint the spring with glitter spray.
  • Match the candles to your décor by spray-painting them with a complementary color.
  • If you are creating these to give as gifts, you might wish to find enough springs for a set.

Things You'll Need

  • Bed-springs (find at rummage sales or even mattress stores)

  • Candle - it must fit perfectly inside the small end of the bed-spring

  • Embellishments/Adornments for the bed-spring – you can jazz up your project with a few sprigs of holly, faux jewels or even glitter

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