How to Make Bake Sale Goodies

When little Timmy comes home and tells you he will need forty-five cupcakes by tomorrow, don't sweat it. Here we'll break down the basics; from first planning to packaging.


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    Figure out what you plan to make. There are multiple possibilities to keep any classroom of hungry kids happy. Standards include Cream Cheese Brownie Cupcakes, Red Velvet Cupcakes, Boston Cream Cupcakes, Cookie Cupcakes, for birthdays or parties. Mummy Cupcakes, Black Bat Cupcakes, or Spider Cupcakes for Halloween, are just sample ideas and are all great choices.
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    Go to a free recipe website. There you can find a recipe that matches the amount of time you have, the ingredients you have, and more. Many recipes feature pictures, ratings, and comments. You can also use a trusted cookbook, but this will require a bit of math in the next step.
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    Use the tool on the site to make a different amount of baked goods. The recipe is for 2 dozen but if you need 8 dozen, modify the recipe. If using a cookbook's recipe, you'll need to do the math by hand.
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    Package the goods in a container that is stable enough to make it to school or the sale's location, but is something you won't miss in your kitchen too much. A great idea is to use disposable baking tins and cover them with cling wrap.
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    Label the treats. Label treats to ensure people know the ingredients prone to trigger allergies, especially if they include nuts or Accommodate Vegetarian Guests.


  • Try unique recipes. There will always be chocolate chip cookies and brownies, but it's not often you see double almond macadamia nut at bake sales.
  • If you have more time, try making a few cakes and cutting them into smaller pieces.
  • There are little cupcake papers. Use them to make mini-cheesecakes!
  • Cookies, brownies, and bars are other easy treats to make.
  • If all else fails, hit your local bakery and finish the cupcakes off with sprinkles.


  • If you're running out of time try an easy treat. Don't try to out-do other mothers or families. Do what's best for yourself.

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