How to Make Bacon Rolls

Do you just adore and love bacon and scrambled eggs? Here is a non-messy way to prepare them. You can pack them in a container and eat them on a trip or in a long car ride. They are as much fun to make as they are to eat.


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    Take a piece of cooked bacon or turkey bacon, if you like.
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    Spread cream cheese on it. This will act as a delicious glue for the eggs.
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    Take a piece of scrambled egg, and lay it on the bacon.
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    Roll it as if it were sushi.
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    Serve. That's all there is to it. It is now ready for eating. Enjoy!


  • You do not have to use scrambled egg. It can be any thing you prefer such as sausage or hash brown.
  • If you use an alternative meat such as ham, you can fry it on a pan over low heat for about a minute. It makes it taste extra good and makes the cream cheese gooier.
  • For those exotic cheese lovers, you can use goat, Swiss, provolone, or any cheese you like. To make it gooey roll it in the bacon and egg as usual but microwave it for thirty seconds.
  • You can use sandwich ham, turkey, or sliced beef as an alternative to the bacon. Use anything you like such as salami!
  • When spreading the cream cheese, add a lot.
  • Do not use a very long strip of bacon. about a 2 12 inch (6.4 cm) is good.


  • Make sure you cook the bacon through all the way.
  • If you are a child, do not cook the food without adult supervision.

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