How to Make Bacon Gifts for Christmas

When the same old Christmas gifts just won't cut it this year, why not give your bacon loving friends a gift pack of bacon inspired treats to stoke the festive cheer? Here are some really great bacon gifts you can make yourself.


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    Make chocolate bacon. This is the ideal Christmas gift for the person in your life who just can't get enough bacon or chocolate. By combining both, they'll never stop thanking you. After making them, be sure to arrange neatly in a decent gift box. Line with greaseproof paper and some plastic wrap before adding the chocolate bacon. Finish with a nicely tied bow and a porcine card.
    • If adding layers in the same gift box, cut a sheet of wax paper or similar and line it over each layer to keep the layers from sticking together.
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    Make bacon and chocolate chip cookies. For the cookie lover who enjoys bacon, this provides another perfect combination for a Christmas gift. Package as outlined in the previous step.
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    If your gift recipient is of the gourmet bent, try making them some bacon infused olive oil. Be sure to choose the best quality extra virgin olive oil to slip that bacon into. Use a decent, gift bottle for the oil and finish with a rustic handmade label tied on with raffia or ribbon.
    • Seal well. As part of the label, it's a good idea to advise the recipient to keep this in the refrigerator and use quickly once opened. Bacon wasn't meant to last long.
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    For the gift recipient with a sweet tooth and a craving for bacon, nothing hits the spot so wonderfully as combining candy with bacon. Try making candied bacon, bacon brittle or bacon toffee. As with the gift box idea outlined above, line a box with greaseproof paper and arrange neatly inside. Add a label and finish off with a ribbon or a porcine card.
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    There is always someone who loves alcohol for a gift, and now you can meet the needs of the person who loves both bacon and a bit of booze. Make some tasty bacon vodka, pour it into a pretty bottle and add a fancy porcine shaped label with details of what's on offer.
    • Hint: Smaller bottles mean there's more to give, so consider purchasing decent looking smaller bottles for pouring the bacon vodka into.
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    Serve up your home friends and family a bacon feast for Christmas morning. If you're not into making finicky food gifts but you don't mind cooking, offer to serve the Christmas morning breakfast. Some ideas include bacon waffles, bacon and macaroni cheese, bacon and egg muffins, asparagus wrapped bacon, cheesy bacon deviled eggs and generous servings of bacon and eggs.


  • For wrapping, you might find it hard to find Christmas pigs but you can make stamps in the shape of pigs and make your own stamped pig Christmas paper.
  • To make a porcine shaped card: Simply find a simple outline of a pig. Tracing around a cookie cutter that is shaped as a pig is one really excellent and easy option. Use decent weight card, either recycled or new, and trace the template onto the cardboard. Cut out the exact pig shape, punch a hole through the center of its body and thread a cord/ribbon/string through it for attaching to a gift. Write on the card as normal and you're done.


  • Be sure the recipient likes bacon before going to all this effort.

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