How to Make Arm Warmers

Are you redesigning a long sleeve shirt? Recycle the fabric into these fabulous arm warmers:


  1. Image titled Long sleeve shirt Step 1
    Find a long sleeve shirt. Choose a stretchy fabric where the lower sleeves fit tightly. Use the lower hemline of the sleeve as the lower hemline of the arm warmer.
  2. Image titled Cut Step 2
    Cut the sleeves to your desired length. Try making arm warmers that are medium or long in length.
  3. Image titled Hemline Step 3
    Turn the cut fabric over twice to create a small hemline.
  4. Image titled Stitch Step 4 1
    Stitch the hems in place by hand.
  5. Image titled Cuff Step 5
    Create a cuff at the end of an arm warmer to secure it in place on your arm.
  6. Image titled Wear Step 6
    Wear them towards the end, middle or upper part of your arms.
  7. Image titled Scrunched up Step 7
    Wear them scrunched up; or smoothed out and wrinkle-free.


  • Arm warmers are not just for keeping warm. They also accessorize your outfit.
  • Stretchy lace is a great fabric for this project.
  • A turtleneck shirt works well for this project. Cut off the turtleneck, fold the neckline over twice and stitch by hand for a scooped neckline. Make short sleeves or remove the sleeves.

Things You'll Need

  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Matching thread

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