How to Make and Engrave a PVC Ring

Three Methods:Making the RingEngravingPainting

The ring will be made from PVC pipe, so you will need to buy/ find a piece that you ring finger fits well in. PVC comes in measurements that describe the outer diameter of the pipe. If you cannot find a piece of pipe that fits right, get the piece the next size down from the one that is just barely too loose.

Method 1
Making the Ring

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    Plan how wide you want your ring to be, and mark it with a Sharpie or other marker.
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    Place pipe segment on table or other edge, and using a hacksaw, cut vertically down your mark. You may need assistance holding the rest of the pipe from moving around while cutting. You should end up with the piece that you will sand down to your final product.
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    Take a sheet of #150 grit sandpaper and place on a table or other flat surface, rough side up. Place the side you just cut from the pipe on the sandpaper and rub in a back and forth motion, applying slight pressure. If the pipe was too tight on your finger, sand out the inside of the ring until it fits properly.
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    Sand until desired thickness. Remember, the sandpaper is rough and PVC is not, so it does not take much time to sand it down too far and mess up. Make sure the ring is as vertical from the surface as you can get it to ensure there are no high or low spots on the ring.
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    Once the side is smoothed, hold the #150 grit sandpaper and ring in your hands. Sand down the edges so they are gently curved and look like a real rings' edges.
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    Once you have the ring in the desired size and shape, take the #220 or finer sandpaper and gently sand the entire ring so it is very smooth. It will not be glossy like PVC pipe unless you polish it, so don't worry if it looks dull.

Method 2

  • This is optional
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    If you want to engrave your ring, take the propane/ mapp gas torch and metal pick/ paper clip. Light torch.
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    Set torch on a low setting. Take the pick and hold it like a pencil or paintbrush. If using a paper clip, bend it out all the way to a straight shape.
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    9 Place tip of pick/ paper clip into the blue part of the flame until it glows red. Quickly take pick out of flame and place on ring in desired location and start engraving your name or whatever you wish to to write. The hot pick will easily melt through the PVC, so don't push too hard. When it does get hard to push, this means it is cooling down. You need to put the tip of the pick back into the flame until it glows red hot again, and continue engraving. It will smell bad, but it is harmless. This step may take a while
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    Once done engraving, place ring in cool water for 10-20 seconds. This will stop the possible deformation of the ring due to the heat from the pick.

Method 3

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    If engraving and painting, engrave first.
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    Clean ring with soap and water to wash off oils and other contaminants. Then wash your hands.
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    Get some paint and primer (spay or brush), ring, and, if using spray paint, over spray protector(newspaper,old tarp, etc.) Go to a well ventilated area.
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    Using primer, apply a thin coat to ring and let dry for 15-30 minutes. Repeat 2-3 times.
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    To ensure strong base coat, let primer dry overnight. Apply a thin coat of paint to ring. Repeat as you did in the previous step, but with the paint. Let dry overnight.
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    If desired, apply a single medium-thin coat of clear finish to ring after paint is done drying.


  • Work in a garage or outdoors to minimize cleanup and collateral damage.
  • Use only paints designed for use with plastics.
  • Spray Paints: to ensure best possible coatings, shake can very well and paint only on a warmer, dryer day. Make sure spray can is relatively warm prior to painting, as this creates a more even spray pattern. Paint in a back and forth motion, and do not not hold can still in one place while spraying, as this will cause uneven paint buildup. When done spraying, hold can upside down and depress nozzle until only air comes out. This cleans the nozzle so paint cannot dry in the nozzle and create clogs or a bad spray pattern.
  • Brush on paints: use a very fine brush to minimize brush stroke visibility once paint dries. Shake or stir the paint to ensure a thorough mixture of the paints' chemicals.
  • ENGRAVING: WORK SLOWLY at first. You may want to practice first on a scrap piece of PVC to get a feel for it. For best results, use a very sharp pick. You may try to use other methods to engrave, such as a razor blade or utility knife, but the torch and pick method works best for both consistency and quality of final product. Use minimal pressure. For shallow engraving, use only the weight of the pick to carve. For deeper engraving, use more pressure.
  • When you're done, your ring will have a somewhat fragile paint coating that can be damaged abuse, exposure to certain chemicals, and normal wear and tear. You can always touch up the ring by repainting it.


  • Use caution when working with flame. Do not use near flammable objects. The propane can (container) can easily be knocked over. Do not hold pick near tip, because the heat from the tip travels up the shaft a short way. Consider the supervision of someone who is experienced in using torches and paints for safety and final product quality.

Things You'll Need

  • PVC pipe segment (that fits your ring finger)
  • Sandpaper (#150 and #220 or finer)
  • Propane/ mapp gas with torch (optional)
  • Metal pick or paper clip (optional)
  • Plastic-adhering paint (optional)
  • hacksaw

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