How to Make an Inexpensive Scanner

This article outlines an inexpensive scanner constructed with resources and electronics you may already have around your home.You must know the basic layout of scanner to begin with


  1. Image titled 4 column.png
    Take a sheet and divide it into four equal parts.
  2. Image titled Circuitry.png
    Call each part a column and insert light bulbs into each column.
  3. Image titled Ddd.png
    Place a hard, transparent sheet. For example: a glass sheet.
  4. Image titled Gxfdxfd.png
    Place your paper to be scanned.
  5. Image titled Light.png
    Grab the double convex lenses and stick all four of them in a sheet, as shown in the diagram.
  6. Image titled Motr.png
    Have 5 motors, a rubber wheel and its circular track, wires and set up as shown in diagram.
  7. Image titled Moyt.png
    Make a holder. As soon as your camera will move along with your motor, it will stop for a moment at each viewing point in order to take picture. Then, after pressing the button (which captures each picture), it will proceed to next site.
  8. 8
    If you want to scan a paper, you will have to insert the paper inside and rotate the dial completely. Stick a little conductor at the starting site of dialer (at its resting position) and it will conduct to the touching arc of wire (as seen in circuit).
  9. 9
    Cover your scanner and decorate it. Mark the area where your screen of camera can be seen (only at its resting position; refer to diagram) to check if focus is acceptable.
  10. 10
    Connect your camera to PC either by data cable or through Bluetooth. It is recommended that you use Bluetooth as it is wireless and easy. However ,data cable may have better connectivity. It doesn’t suit here, as then you will have to make way for your cable to move along camera and also prevent from making of knots of the cable!
  11. Image titled Presser.png
    When you want to scan a paper, just switch on the bottom bulbs, insert the paper,adjust the focus and rotate the dial. After scanning, four equal images of the paper will be sent to PC. Then you will have to arrange all the four images and combine them in a picture editing software. Your scanner is ready.


  • You can even use a mobile-cam.
  • You can make such a software with any HLL,so that after scanning the paper, it will recognize the last four images and combine them automatically in order, and ask if you want to save the picture. However, it is not necessary to do that. You can use it manually. If you are good at computer, you can make the computer recognize the scanner and only by clicking a button made by you or your helper, you can directly scan the paper (without lightning and rotating the dialer by yourself; your PC will do it).
  • If you are also having an internet connection and an e-mail ID,you can use the functioning of fax by scanning a paper and sending it to the receiver.
  • The smaller and the more MP having the camera is, the easier it will be for motor to carry it and the better resolution there will be.
  • Make such a system, so that you can you can change the camera.


  • Do not supply any current from CPU’s USB. to any part of your scanner except the camera.

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