How to Make an Inexpensive Cat Toy

Cats are naturally playful animals, and it's fun to watch them play. Some lucky cats have a kitty playmate they can socialize with, but with a lot of kitties, that is not the case. Spend 30 minutes and probably about $1, and create a "playmate" of a new type for your cat. One of the greatest things about this type of toy is that your cat can play with it himself.


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    Gather Your Materials Grab a big square of fabric that you don't particularly care about (if it gets destroyed by your kitty). Get scissors, preferably sewing scissors, and some thread and a needle. The less matched the thread is, the more fun and funky the final product looks! You'll also need stuffing, just enough to puff up your toy, and a bunch of catnip. Pins are useful, but not a necessity. Lay it all out so nothing is hiding anything else, you'll need everything in turn.
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    Start Working Fold your fabric in a place where the edges line up fairly well. If there is no such place, trim around edges so they line up nicely. If you have pins, insert them now. If you have a sewing machine, sew around the edges of your fabric. It's great to have a machine, simply because they are fast and the stitches hold strong against the tearing teeth and claws of your cat. If not, or you don't know how to use one, a simple needle and thread will work. If you do use the basic needle and thread, take lots of time making small, even stitches. This will make your toy a little more durable! Leave a two-inch opening somewhere along the seam of your toy. You'll sew this up after you're finished stuffing.
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    Filling If you prefer to leave a nice clean edge on your toy, turn it inside-out so the fringe won't show. If you don't care (your cat won't) just leave it the way it is. Before you add any stuffing, put a big pinch of catnip into your toy. Shake it around. Then, add a pinch of stuffing, alternating until all your stuffing is in the toy. Don't hesitate and go easy on the catnip! It's a more the merrier situation here.
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    Sewing Shut Now, with all the fillings inside of the toy, sew the opening shut. You can use either a machine or hand sewing here.
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    Playtime. When you are done, give the toy to your kitty, and watch them rip and tear and have a good time trying to get at the catnip inside!


  • Use different, funky shapes of fabric to create a crazy toy.
  • Add strings hanging around the outside to give more fun to your cat.
  • This is a great project to do with kids. Make sure they have parental supervision with sewing needles and/or machines.


  • If you use sewing scissors, don't cut paper with them. It dulls the blade.
  • Keep young children (and cats!) away from needles and machines while sewing.

Things You'll Need

  • Needle and thread OR sewing machine
  • fabric
  • Pins (optional)
  • Catnip
  • Stuffing
  • Scissors (preferably sewing scissors, they cut better)

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