How to Make an Ice Pack from a Balloon

If you haven't got any ice packs to hand, a good method for making your own is to use a sturdy balloon. Here is how to make your own ice pack from a balloon.


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    Find a suitable balloon. It must be good quality and durable.
  2. Image titled Fill_balloon_with_water Step 02
    Fill the balloon with water. Fill as much as you need to cover the area of an injury or pain. Don't overfill, however, less is best.
  3. Image titled Tie_balloon Step 03
    Tie the balloon to prevent the water from escaping.
  4. Image titled Place_balloon_in_wax paper Step 04
    Place between 2 sheets of wax paper. This will help to prevent it from sticking to anything in the freezer.
  5. Image titled Mould_the_ice_pack Step 05
    Mould the ice pack. You will need to mould it to the shape that you want for your ice pack; any shape that you make will stick once frozen.
    • Flatten the balloon ice pack under a box or a heavy item in the freezer.
    • Use ice cream containers or similar to create curved shapes, etc.
  6. Image titled Freeze_ice Step 06
    Allow to freeze.
  7. Image titled Use_ice Step 07
    Use as needed. Return to the freezer for reuse.

Things You'll Need

  • Balloon
  • Water
  • Box, heavy object, ice cream container, etc., for shaping

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