How to Make an Emergencies Bag for School (Girls)

We all know that things happen at school. You forgot sneakers for gym and can't afford to take a 0 for the day, you got your period but the nurse doesn't have the right kind of tampons, you got a stain on your shirt, you got water on your pants, you forgot your lunch...the list goes on and on. Here is all that you need to survive school unscathed by preparing, making and creating an emergency kit or bag.


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    Select a bag. Preferably one that can fit on the top shelf of your locker, or if you use those stacking shelves one that can fit under there. Don't bring it home with you- it will be too big to fit in your backpack. A few good stores for middle school girls to buy bags include Aeropostale, Target, or even Walmart!
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    Pack the bag for any Medical emergencies: If you don't have any medical problems then forget this step. If you have asthma bring an inhaler and eye contact liquids if you wear them. If you do have eye contacts also bring an extra pair of glasses, just in case. If you have allergies and your school allows you to take medicine always keep it in your locker. Include some band aids or plasters, some paper handkerchiefs, a lip salve and moist wipes.
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    Pack for Feminine Emergencies: Alright, you got your period during B period....what to do? Luckily if you make this bag you'll be covered. Buy a whole box of tampons, pads, whatever it is you use, and keep it in there. Put about ten in your bag, in case a friend needs some, and for you of course. You also may want to keep a pair of absolutely new underwear (again, in case a friend needs it... don't let them borrow used, and tell them to keep it. So a variety pack of undies from Walmart or something is ideal)
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    Pack for clothing Emergencies: Gym is the major cause of wardrobe emergencies. If you have uniforms disregard this, otherwise this is important. Keep a variety of socks in your bag, in-case you forget them, or a friend does (its very common) also keep a pair of sneakers (if you don't have enough sneakers to just leave a pair lying there it is recommended that you buy a pair of $5 Keds knockoffs from Walmart or a similar store. You can even color on them to make them more appealing. Also leave a T shirt and shorts in there in-case you forget gym clothes. Make sure that you have a sweater/sweatshirt in your bag as well in-case it gets chilly or a teacher tells you that you need to cover up.
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    Pack for odour related emergencies: Everyone who uses deodorant forgets deodorant sometimes...but no one has to know that YOU do... so include a stick of deodorant in your bag. Also, add a small bottle of body splash or body mist, as perfume isn't allowed in many schools! Make sure you check with your school first though, some don't even let you have body spray.
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    Pack so you have something to eat in a Food Emergency situation: If you are rushing to catch the bus and you forget to grab your lunch, no worries, you can eat something from the status you keep, for example a few granola bars, in your locker. Buy a box and slip it near the back for a quick snack after gym or something for a friend who forgot their lunch. You can put any type of food in your locker as long as it won't go bad and try keeping it as healthy as possible. If your school has a cafeteria this trick works more for a quick between class snack or if you have no money.
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    Smile: Your emergency bag is useless if you can't smile. A smile in school is very important. You want to have a nice smile which comes off looking nice and then people will have an easier time talking to you. However nice your smile is, if you have bad breath, nobody wants to talk to you. So just in case bring some mints, minty gum (trident is good for your teeth), and maybe even some dental floss for after lunch. Also, remember to take good care of your smile.


  • Spare pens or pencils are also useful, in case you forget your usual ones
  • Try to keep a mirror with you in the locker
  • Have extra school supplies with.
  • If you can think of any circumstances that have not been covered, by all means include it in your bag- and edit this to include it.
  • Have a small dry erase board in your locker for important notes!
  • Carry emergency cash in case you run out of lunch money. Also remember to take quarters in case you need to use a pay phone.


  • Don't share used items with anybody, such as old underwear, socks, and deodorant!
  • People may be using you for THEIR emergencies. But it will make you seem mature and prepared, so no worries... it's a good thing.

Things You'll Need

  • bag
  • box of tampons/pads/pantyliners
  • variety pack of underwear
  • sneakers
  • variety pack of socks
  • T shirt
  • shorts
  • sweater/sweatshirt
  • deodorant
  • non-perishable food
  • Personal wipes. you never know if you need them.

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